Elena Redaelli

Italiano (Italian)

I’m a textile environmental artist and researcher.

My practice is based on textile sculpture and installation created through a deep relationship with place (environmental art) and society (participatory, socially engaged projects).

I explore matter, transformation, processes of generation and decay involving different levels of control and challenging the boundaries of authorship and active intervention.

Sometimes the material takes the lead, other times the participants or the environment itself does, resulting in a constant process of transformation, improvisation and exchange.

The act of art making is an interrogative process within a new environment and her personal way to get closer to new cultures and people. In my projects I apply a cross pollination of different techniques taken from the domains of craft, sculpture, textile, drawings and relational aesthetics. I value, research and utilise ancient practices: hand weaving, knitting, crochet, felting, embroidery and paper making. In my large scale, immersive installations slow paced production techniques are combined with new media such as video and sound.

I hold a MA Fine Arts from UCA, London, UK and a MA Sculpture, Academy of Fine Arts, Rome.

Textiles have always been fascinating to me as well as the people that engage with fibres; I’ve been learning, researching and sharing knowledge with skilled practitioners in Europe, Asia, USA, Africa.