Italiano (Italian)

Coming from a family of tailors and milliners, I have been swimming in threads and fabrics since childhood. The one that most impressed and fascinated me was bobbin lace thread. Growing up, I became interested in the history of art, and the systematic and in-depth study of bobbin lace allowed me to express my creativity through this technique, which from my point of view is comparable to painting or music.

The non-belonging to a specific tradition that initially weighed on me later allowed me to freely experiment through the creation of “works” that usually do not belong to the normal production with lace-making.

For more than ten years I have been teaching the technique of torchon lace and Gorizian lace.
I am a graduate of the prestigious Gorizia Lace School, run by the Friuli Venezia Giulia Region through the Regional Cultural Heritage Authority (ERPAC).
Since 2021 I have been teaching bobbin lace at the Academy of Craftsmen, multidisciplinary craft (www.accademiadegliartigiani.com).
I have set up some exhibitions such as “Lace between tradition and innovation 2019” at the foyer of the Torbellamonaca Theater (TeatrinComune circuit)
I have participated in several competitions in the field, winning some of them such as.
Un Merletto per Venezia 2019, with the work “L’Amor che move ‘l sole e l’altre stelle,” first in the Modern Lace category.
Anghiari Lace 2021, with the work “Sorgue Riviere” Chiare, fresche, dolci acque, first place.
Through collaboration with ArteMorbida I hope to bring to a wider audience the knowledge of this art that has its roots in the 15th century but lends itself to the creation of extremely modern works.