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Speaking of BUTTON, I say yes to the singular and all-capital letters, the button deserves it.
Denis Diderot, author of the Encyclopedia that changed the face of eighteenth-century history, if I may quote, dedicated eight pages to buttons and those who made them.
I love buttons, they enchant me, especially the simple ones, made of mother-of-pearl with that rough and colorful back reminding us of a shell, of the sea …
There are museum buttons, haberdashery buttons, super-market buttons – nowadays there are online buttons – buttons with miniatures, buttons that are true works of art like museums ones.
Bone, iron, precious stone buttons, made of colored plastic materials, mountains of buttons like coins, and this is true.
The Chinese wear tunics with five buttons symbolizing the main virtues: humanity, justice, order, prudence and rectitude. The Chinese did something more, they invented their own button, which you see in the picture below.