Italiano (Italian)

14 – 16 October 2021

In occasion of the Festival Textile Manufactur, 4th edition, a new renowned location has been found in the historical centre of Bolzano: the Mareccio Castle. An ancient mansion is going to be the proper frame for a unique exhibition of top-rated products created in local and international textile workshops and factories.
It is one of our main goals at the European Textile Academy to promote international cooperation in the textile production field. We believe our Festival represents a valuable chance to get to know, share and exchange the quality, the creativity and the design from North and South Europe. Traditional techniques will be displayed next to the most up-to-date ones.
Visitors too will get a special opportunity to closely see and appreciate top-level handiwork or workshop creations, fabrics, unusual textile design and eco-friendly oriented manufacturing.
A much esteemed tourist attraction, Bolzano makes available an international clientele and an increasing number of visitors each year. The trend is set thanks to a high-quality offer and efficient infrastructure. All those taking part to the Festival as exhibitors will enjoy a double opportunity, to let new customers welcome their creations and get to know others’ selected production, in a profitable mutual exchange of creativity and know-how.


The salvage, restoration, conservation and documentation of textile cultural assets.

When the textiles found their way into the newly founded museums around the turn of the 20th century, the question of how to care for them arose for the first time, not with a view to reuse, but rather to preserve them as a cultural heritage for the future. In addition to the preservation of the original substance, the top principle is that every addition made in the course of a preservation must be reversible without causing damage, so that later generations with advanced preservation technology can make a correction. In cooperation with the Monuments Office of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano – South Tyrol, Office for Archeology, the textile grave find of Baron Christoph von Wolkenstein from the 16th century from the parish church of St. Michael in Bressanone is shown in the exhibition