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A refined sensitivity allows Tracey Deep to combine her artistic research and a deep spiritual and emotional connection with nature. Her Sydney studio produces works in which harmony and balance restore the synthesis of this bond to the observer.

I contacted her on the occasion of her recent solo show, FAUNA, to understand this interaction between the artist’s gaze and the generous gifts of mother nature.

FLORAL SCULPTURES, Ancient Forest, Copyright Tracey Deep

Material for your works, source of inspiration, even “collaborator”: nature is the fundamental basis on which your artistic research developed. Can you tell me about this relationship between you and the natural world?

Mother nature is my muse. She has been my teacher for over 25yrs. Through working with nature, composing botanical installations, using such a diverse range of rare australian native flora with extraudinary patterns, shapes & textures, gave me incredable insight into this magical world. it trained my eyes to see delicate details, whymsical patterns & graphic textures. Mother nature gifted me with the art of composition & the art of seeing, this has guided me to create works using organic, industrial & repurposed materials , all with mother natures guidance.

What is the link between form and content of your works?

The link between the form and content of my works are drawn from the sacred geometrical nature of mother earth with her fractual patterns, playful textures and organic tones. I utiliise mother natures inspiration in the manifestation of my works.

FLORAL SCULPTURES, Ancient Forest, Copyright Tracey Deep

How are your works born – from an idea that then takes shape in progress or from a project or does the idea arise from the material itself?

My works are born from both sourcing the material itself & an idea that then takes shape. the material sourced could inspire a concept for the art work through its textural quality, organic forms or earthy tones,  which over time evolves into a new work. Also ideas can form in my mind through experiencing something magical in nature.

FLORAL SCULPTURES, Ancient Forest, Copyright Tracey Deep

You use very different materials that I imagine require continuous technical experimentation. What was the path that led you from training to the latest installations? How has your work changed over the time?

Play days in my studio are where I do a lot of experimenting, trialing ways of using materials, constantly reworking pieces to see what makes the material sing & most importantly what makes my heart sing. Im always sourcing new materials, i find great inspiration in playing with new fibres, metals or organic material. Through decades of creating works for exhibitions, commissions & private clients, my pieces become more refined, the knowledge through creating works gives me life lessons for future works.

FLORAL SCULPTURES, Wind, Copyright Tracey Deep

You recently made an artwork for Louis Vuitton’s “Louis200”. Can you tell me more about it?

My Piece “Roots” for Louis Vuitton’s 200th birthday was inspired by the importance of our sacred trees , their root systems that nuture & protect our forests, eco systems & environments. These sacred tree root systems are like our family tree, we are all connected , when we work together we are stronger , we protect each other as our trees protect our environments & give us the air that we breath the life that we live, protecting humanity. With the use of recyled & repurposed fibre I created roots systems, suspended roots, knotted roots, platted roots, endless playful fibres to create a layered effect, layers of patterns & textures portraying mother natures magical world from the core of a Louis Vuitton Trunk.

FLORAL SCULPTURES, Copyright Tracey Deep

Has the pandemic changed or affected – and how – your work?

The pandemic has actually given me more studio time, more time to create, more time to play with new concepts, materials & experimetation.

Projects in progress and for the near future?

I’m currently completing works for my upcoming exhibition “Fauna” opening on the 26th August 2021 at the Saint Cloche Gallery in Paddington, Sydney. Inspired by our recent wild fires in 2020 that devistated our native Fauna & Flora.

As for future Projects im currently working on a public art work project commissioned by UAP in Wynyard Station, Brookfield Place a landmark surrounded by historic Wynyard Park. My hand woven charred willow work will be transfomed into a metal work & suspended above the main lobby reception.