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MURATS Museum – Samugheo
August 6 2021 –  November 14 2021
Opening Friday  August 6 at 6pm

Two years after the first edition of the Fiber-Art Biennial of Sardinia, the Unique Regional Museum of Sardinian Textile Art – MURATS – in Samugheo, continues its research, rediscovery and inventory of the experiences gained by Sardinian artists in this field, in order to define paths, developments and outcomes of contemporary research. Ribbon cutting Friday August 6 at 6 pm – in the presence of the mayor of Samugheo Basilio Patta, the deputy mayor Luigi Todde and the councilor for culture Elisabetta Sanna.

The second act of INVENTARIO 20, curated by the Director of the MURATS Museum Baingio Cuccu and Anna Rita Punzo, stages a heterogeneous exhibition itinerary, characterized by the co-presence of large installations and small-format works and by the constant dialogue between recent works production and projects dating back to the 80s / 90s, sometimes unpublished, little known or known only through photos and catalogs of the time. There is also space for forays into painting and photography, media through which artists give new life and meaning to stitching, embroidery, textile manipulations and overlapping materials.

Daniela e Francesca Manca, Nido

Cenzo Cocca, Un lungo e delicato ricordo da non dimenticare, 2021

Igino Panzino, Domestic flight,1999

Romeo Pinna, Landscape – Serie Floatings, 2019

The 2021 edition, which includes among its partners the magazine dedicated to the textile arts ArteMorbida Textile Arts Magazine, is sealed by the presentation of the official catalog of the first Biennale of Fiber-Art of Sardinia, which offers in addition to the texts of the curators, photographic images of a selection of works on display and biographical information of the artists, a sequence of relative shots of the inauguration.

Precursors, masters and young Sardinian artists are the protagonists of an exhibition that intends to tell the multiple natures of an experimental artistic current, in continuous evolution, capable of ephemeral and conceptual results, crossed by an ancestral energy.

?Access to the exhibition will be approved according to the anti-Covid legislation in force.

Exhibition view with artwors of Daniela Frongia, Veronica Gambula and Igino Panzino

Silvia Argiolas
Pietrina Atzori
Pietruccia Bassu
Betty Casula
Giulia Capsula Casula
Cenzo Cocca
Nietta Condemi De Felice
Tiziana Contu • fiber artist
Giuliana Fanelli
Daniela Frongia
Veronica Gambula
Daniela Manca e Francesca Manca
Maria Grazia Medda
Gianluca Melis
Monica Mura
Antonella Muresu
Sabrina oppo
Antonello Ottonello
Igino Panzino
Romeo Pinna
Josephine Sassu
Antonio Secci
Maria Jole Serreli
Stefania Spanu

Exhibition view with artwors of Daniela Frongia, Veronica Gambula and Igino Panzino