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Musée de la Tapisserie et des Arts Textiles de la Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Place Reine Astrid, 9 – 7500 Tournai / +32(0)69 234 285

SEPTEMBER 23, 2023 TO JANUARY 28, 2024
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Featuring more than thirty works, textiles and mosaics, this monographic exhibition of outsider artist Jacques Trovic takes visitors on a journey through more than 50 years of artistic production.

Jacques TROVIC – 1948-2018, Anzin (FR)

After leaving school at the age of seven for health reasons, Jacques Trovic grew up next door to his mother, who was passionate about sewing, before attending the École des Beaux-arts in Saint-Amand- les-Eaux (FR) for a few years. He first tried his hand at painting and mosaic, and then devoted himself, starting in 1970, mainly to the creation of textiles with his works known as “tapestries.”

Jacques TROVIC. La Parade du cirque, 2013. Tapisserie ; 240 x 210 cm. Collection privée, en dépôt à la Fondation Paul Duhem ©TAMAT

Her technique is reminiscent of patchwork, with elements cut out and then sewn together. Fabric appliqués, sewing, embroidery, crochet, spot dyes and textures, woolen threads, co-gilded and gilded synthetic threads, small collected objects or beads, come together to create these textile paintings close to the so-called naïve style.

A tireless creator, Jacques Trovic was an artist obsessed with this “tapestry,” which he produced tirelessly throughout his life (between 250 and 400 works are said to have been made).
He left us a series of works filled with humanism and hedonism, full of joy and color, evidence of the evolving culture of northern France and its daily life.

Jacques TROVIC Soleil, 2014. Tapisserie ; 30 x 30 cm Collection Bruno Gérard ©TAMAT

His artworks can be found in numerous public and private collections (Collection Art Brut in Lausanne, Musée Art et Marges in Brussels, Musée de la Création Franche in Bègles, etc.) and he was the subject of numerous exhibitions in France and abroad.

Five years after his death, and fulfilling his dream of exhibiting at the Musée de la Tapisserie et des Arts Textiles in Tournai, the exhibition Jacques Trovic – Un humaniste, témoin de son temps, conceived by curators Bruno Gérard and Robin Legge, in collaboration with the Paul Duhem Foundation, presents the evolution of this rich production through his major works and the themes that were dear to him (folklore, festivals, travel, everyday life).  For the first time, his first play, La scène espagnole (1964) and La ferme, his last work completed in 2016, are brought together.

Jacques TROVIC Portrait de la mineuse, s.d. Mosaïque ; 100 x 100 cm Collection privée ©TAMAT