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Jeanne Williamson Ostroff

Italiano (Italian)

Born in 1957, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, Jeanne Williamson has a BFA from Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts), where she majored in Fibers/Crafts. In addition to being trained as an artist, Jeanne has a MSAEd in Art Education from Massachusetts College of Art.

The artist is interested in working with the different grid patterns of construction fences by combining printmaking, painting, and collage on fabric that has been stitched and and either stiffened so it appears more like paper, or plastic.

Her work can be seen in galleries, museums, private collections and in many books and art magazines.

Resilient Fences #1”, 56” x 24″, 2019 copyright Jeanne Williamson Ostroff

Resilient Fences #1 – detail”, 56” x 24″, 2019 copyright Jeanne Williamson Ostroff

“My interest in using construction fences in my artwork started in 2002 when I started seeing different patterns, shapes, and sizes, as they were being used at many construction sites as a barrier to keep people out of danger.

I have been collecting different kinds of fences for many years, and have at least eighteen or more patterns in my collection, ranging in length from one yard to 50 yards long. Many people know about my love of construction fences, and it’s not unusual for a friend to bring me a fence piece back from their vacation, or email pictures of them”.

Walls from Fences Series #2, 24” x 46″, 2010, copyright Jeanne Williamson Ostroff

“After I monoprint the textures of fences on fabric, I many times stitch the fabric by following the lines of the grids of the fence, and I also incorporate additional painting techniques. Most of the time, I mount the fabric on the boards.
I also create wall pieces and installations with single pieces of monoprinted fabric, which I coat with matt medium so it is stiff like paper or plastic. “

The size of her work varies from as small as 6 inches to all the way up to 35 feet. She really enjoys creating work that is small to extremely large, and the challenges that come working in different formats.

Source: https://www.jeannewilliamson.com/


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