• 9 February 2023 6:18

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Jens J. Meyer was born in Hamburg in 1958. He studied industrial engineering in Darmstadt and painting and sculpture at Werkstätten Maxau Academy and has lived as a freelance artist since 1989. Meyer has lived in Essen since 1991. He received the Fine Arts Award of the City of Gelsenkirchen in 1994, won the 1st Prize at Landmarke auf der Halde Sachsen in Hamm in 2001 and received an Award of Excellence, category architectural structures at IFAI Expo Las Vegas, USA.

Lately, he’s been researching the encounter and dialogue between real and virtual worlds and objects resulted in the book “Augmented spaces – real and virtual art in dialogue”

The book contains:

– Four virtual 3-dimensional sculptures and installations are embedded into the book using augmented reality.

They can be made visible with a web app on the smartphone or tablet and placed and scaled in your own environment. The virtual sculptures can even be captured photographically.

– Photos and videos from projections and performances.

– Critical Texts by Erik Büttner, Jan Gerling, Albrecht Haag, Ariane Hackstein, Jens J. Meyer, Ute Ritschel, Dr. Eva Schürmann, Chris van Uffelen.

The publication of this project can be supported on STARTNEXT!

You can find detailed information about the book and the funding options (from € 10) at: https://www.startnext.com/augmented-spaces