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JING PEI, the 2023 Winner of the Dorothy Waxman International Textile Design Prize

Italiano (Italian)

This collection is made with thread only and using embroidery and free sewing techniques. Including three thread types, polyester for machine embroidery, cotton for both machine embroidery and free sewing on sewing machines, and silk for hand sewing to connect small pieces and hand embroidering details. By using thread as the only material, the collection achieved zero waste principle and caused zero solid pollution to the environment. All the leftover loose threads are sewn into the fabric. This innovative approach not only eliminated waste but also enhanced the structural integrity of the pieces. The process included sewing and embroidering on water-dissolvable fabric, subsequently washing away the fabric to reveal the intricate patterns, and finally connecting them into garments. In the short green dress, repeated patterns were embroidered to mimic knit structure as a base, layered with tacky faces to achieve a harmonious aesthetic. The five looks created a “tacky” world formed by statues living in the woods with old beddings and home decor.

Words from Jing: This collection explores how my aesthetic preferences are formed by analyzing the common aesthetic elements in my upbringing and confronting my fear of grotesque, tacky statues. I remember seeing them at an exhibition of lights and statues at the Lantern Festival. The poorly made features and creepy looks left a deep impression on me, and I have considered the overly colorful style tacky ever since. As a designer, this experience made me think about my aversion to tackiness and its effect on my sense of beauty. I found that the tacky elements are everywhere and children like myself in China grew up with them. In order to transform the ugly into the beautiful, I explored the use of bold and bright colors found in these childhood elements such as bedding from my grandparents’ generation and old home decor, and incorporated them into my designs. I combined tacky monsters from real statues and my imagination into garments. Together, these elements create a mesmerizing tapestry of artistry, sustainability, and creative expression.

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