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SIMBIOSI, the work by Argentine artist Jorgelina Alessandrelli premiered last February in Bergamo in the exhibition FIBERSTORMING promoted by ArteMorbida for WTA World Textile Art as part of the Salone Italia and included among the events of Bergamo Brescia Capitali della Cultura 2023, will be on display in Todi from May 19 to 28, 2023 on the occasion of Natura d’artista – a collateral event of Todi Fiorita.

“It is now universally accepted that everything is interconnected and therefore the concept of the ‘web of life’ is at the basis of the modern scientific conception of nature,” – writes Merlin Sheldrake in his ‘The Hidden Order’ an essay in which he investigates the secret life of fungi and the system of connections that binds each element to the others. “It was Haeckel,” he continues, “who coined the word ‘ecology’ in 1866. Ecology studies the relationships between organisms and their environment therefore both the places where they live and the dense relationships on which their sustenance is based. Inspired by the work of Alexander von Humboldt, ecology stems from the idea that nature is an interconnected whole, “a system of active forces.” Organisms cannot be understood if considered in isolation.” This is the principle that inspires SIMBIOSI, the work by Jorgelina Alessandrelli, an all-textile sculpture that restores to us the sense of a connection that is inescapable to ensure life.

In a symbiotic embrace between the plant and animal worlds, a half-tree, half-bird hybrid embodies the mutual dependence and fluidity with which in a perpetual metamorphosis life takes on new forms, flowing from one species to another, in a cycle of regeneration whose fragile balances humans threaten today. The urgency of preserving the complex system of relationships among living beings invests, today more than ever, a resource-hungry humanity of the responsibility of its own actions to save the planet and with it itself.
Until May 28, the work will be on view at Silvia Ranchicchio Art Studio, Via Duomo 1, Todi.

The artist
Jorgelina Alessandrelli (Argentina 1965) lives and works in Monza.
She holds a bachelor’s degree in fine arts from L’Universidad Nacional de Rosario, Argentina. In the same year, she participated in the exhibition “Arte sin Disciplina” at the Museo Castagino in Rosario with her installation and thesis “Tuyo el poder y la Gloria.” He also later obtained a degree in pedagogy. He has exhibited in several exhibitions and art competitions in Argentina, Brazil, United States and Italy.
In 2023 he participated in “Fiberstorming” the exhibition included among the 25th Anniversary celebrations of the World Textile Art WTA at the former Ateneo in Bergamo Città Alta, promoted by Arte Morbida, sponsored by the City of Bergamo and curated by Barbara Pavan. In 2020 as the official booth artist of ArteMorbida TextileArt Magazzine at Bergamo Arte Fiera she presents her textile installation “Yo quería estar más bonita.”
In 2021 with her work “Ritual” she wins the Audience Award in the XVIII International Fiber Art Competition Trame a Corte ” Eco Hope” at the Rocca di Sala Baganza. Also in 2021 he participates of the exhibition “Per Filo e per Segno” curated by Marisa Cortese in the Fabbrica della Ruota in Pray. In the same year, he wins the Critic’s Award in the I Art Biennial Homage to Maestro Scalvini in Desio curated by Vera Agosti.
In 2019, he held a solo exhibition “Lights & Shapes” in Spazio Hus Milan curated by Mariano Belarosa an event included in Brera Design Week. Another solo exhibition at MIMUMO Micro Museo Monza to present the project ” Crepuscolo” curated by Felice Terrabuio.