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Italiano (Italian)

After receiving her BS in Psychology from Colorado State University, Margolis continued her research in Neural Psychology while studying portraiture at the Art Student’s League in New York City.  She furthered her studies in art at Parsons School of Design and the School of Visual Arts.

Having studied cognitive psychology, she has developed a system to translate her inner thoughts and feelings into patterns, maps that chronicle the chemistry of her “states of mind”.

“Central to my work is a desire to explore the ambiguous boundaries between physical and mental space.  Psychoanalysis, Zen Buddhist practice and science inspire my journey into the psyche”.

Margolis looks for the connective tissue between the universe and the microscopic and she finds it in the circle, the most basic component in existence.  The circle can be found in all of nature as well as in religious symbols; it is a molecule, a neurotransmitter, a halo.   As a practitioner of Zen Buddhism Margolis  becames interested in the sacred symbol of the Enso (Japanese for circle) because it embodies infinity, perfection and totality.


Photos taken from the artist’s website and protected by copyright