• 9 February 2023 7:25

Katharina Sommer

Italiano (Italian)

“Born in South Germany, since childhood, I’ve always been in contact with art. My mother was an actress, who stopped a theatre because of the children. My father was very young, painting, playing in amateur theatre and began a career at television as a lector, dramaturge and producer. There was always a strong attraction to art. I studied psychology and, from the beginning, I added theatre and art to psychotherapy. My teacher Laura Sheleen worked as a Jungian with masks and I continued this work. Beginning with public performance, with mask and objects, I also worked as an artist using photography, sculpture and I began with the Cross-Over Stitches. The first single exhibition in the Women’s Museum in Wiesbaden 2011 was the beginning of many solo and group exhibitions. Additionally, I am working within the art with people, combining art with deep experience of oneself and others. Now I am living in a house full of art. My husband Moritz Dornauf is a painter (and Tai chi Teacher) and my daughter Mara Sommer is a well-known photographer in New Zealand. Another important part of my artistic world is art in nature. The participation in “art in gardens” and “Waldkunstpfad” and “GNAP” (Global Nomad Art Project) were existential experiences in many parts of the world: China, South Korea, Germany and Turkey.