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Kustaa Saksi

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Kustaa Saksi (b. 1975, Kouvola, Finland) builds worlds of playful, paradoxical and troubling yet inviting shapes and environments pulled out of the ordinary. Combining organic qualities with uniquely detailed textures with rich colour palettes and experimental material use, Saksi is creating contemporary spaces, objects and atmospheres. His abstracted Hypnopompic tapestry series sits somewhere between the states of dreaming and awakening – surrealist and sensational. First Symptoms collection draws its inspiration and texture from the scientific examination and personal experience of migraine.

“In the Fishtrap”, Hypnopompic Collection, 2013,  Jacquard Weave 172 x 236cm (67″ x 93″). Mohair, Wool, Acryl, Polyester. Edition of 6, copyright Kustaa Saksi

“In Full Bloom”, First Symptoms Collection,  2019 Jacquard Weave 165 x 236 cm (66″ x 93″). Mohair, Silk, Acryl, Cotton, Wool, Polyester. Edition of 6, copyright Kustaa Saksi

His work is often surreal and out of place. Saksi is fascinated by illusory states and visual delusions – usually pattern-based, kaleidoscopic, identical structures sometimes flickering, forming and reforming all over the visual field – common in migraine auras for most sufferers. Often geometric structures cover the whole visual field: checkerboards, transparent oriental rugs, tribal patterns, ornamental spherical objets d’art like radiolaria or bacteria, repeating wallpaper designs, spiderweb-like figures or concentric circles and squares, architectural forms or decorative paper-cut snowflakes, mosaics, spirals and swirls.

Korjaamo Gallery, Helsinki, Finland, copyright Kustaa Saksi

Galleri Format, Oslo, Norway, copyright Kustaa Saksi

“Aura”,2019, Jacquard Weave, 170 x 236 cm (66″ x 93″). Mohair, Wool, Polyester, Acryl. Edition of 6, copyright Kustaa Saksi

Saksi has spent the past seven years at TextielLab under Het Nederlandse Textielmuseum in Tilburg, The Netherlands, where he has been developing weaving techniques, experi- menting with materials and finding his own unique weaving processes that he describes as “action-painting with warp and weft”. Using a traditional Jacquard weaving technique, Saksi combines natural fibres such as mohair, alpaca, cotton and wool with rubber, metal, acrylic and phosphorescent yarns to create complex digital to analog textures.

Design Museum Helsinki, copyright Kustaa Saksi

Saksi’s works have been exhibited at Victoria & Albert Museum, Cooper Hewitt Museum, San Jose Museum of Art, TextielMuseum, Design Museum Helsinki, Museo Poldi Pezzoli, Kunsthall Stavanger and Helsinki Kunsthall. He has held solo exhibitions at galleries in New York, London, Paris, Hong Kong, Taipei, Madrid, Brussels, Helsinki and Amsterdam. His work is represented in the collections of museums and private collectors throughout the world. Saksi has produced commissioned artworks for companies such as Nike, Issey Miyake, Ferragamo, Lacoste, Bergdorf Goodman, Marimekko and Swedese.


Photos has been taken from the artist’s website and are covered by copyright  

“Arachne’s Web” 2013, Jacquard Weave 172 x 236cm (67″ x 93″). Mohair, Wool, Acryl, Polyester. Edition of 6, copyright Kustaa Saksi

Teylers Museum, Haarlem, The Netherlands, copyright Kustaa Saksi

“A World in Waiting-detail” Norfolk House Music Room, The British Galleries, V&A, copyright Kustaa Saksi

“A World in Waiting”, Norfolk House Music Room, The British Galleries, V&A, copyright Kustaa Saksi

Maria Rosaria Roseo

English version Dopo una laurea in giurisprudenza e un’esperienza come coautrice di testi giuridici, ho scelto di dedicarmi all’attività di famiglia, che mi ha permesso di conciliare gli impegni lavorativi con quelli familiari di mamma. Nel 2013, per caso, ho conosciuto il quilting frequentando un corso. La passione per l’arte, soprattutto l’arte contemporanea, mi ha avvicinato sempre di più al settore dell’arte tessile che negli anni è diventata una vera e propria passione. Oggi dedico con entusiasmo parte del mio tempo al progetto di Emanuela D’Amico: ArteMorbida, grazie al quale, posso unire il piacere della scrittura al desiderio di contribuire, insieme a preziose collaborazioni, alla diffusione della conoscenza delle arti tessili e di raccontarne passato e presente attraverso gli occhi di alcuni dei più noti artisti tessili del panorama italiano e internazionale.