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*Featured photo: Aiko Tezuka《Closing and Opening (A Study of Bravery)》(Design drawing f or the textile) 2023. Jacquard weaving, Fabric development and production by Kaji Textile Inc. (Kyoto Nishijin Textile)

KYOTO INTERCHANGE, a Kyoto-based institution of contemporary art, announce the solo exhibition
“AIKO TEZUKA” f rom January 22 (Monday) to March 17 (Sunday), 2024.
Aiko Tezuka, the internationally active contemporary artist based in Japan and Berlin, is known f or her f ocus on
textiles and embroidery, where the process of creation can be reversed to reveal the generative process, and f or
her unique method of unraveling threads to reveal the textile’s structure.
This exhibition f ocuses on new works created with motif s related to Japan’s seclusion and opening to the outside
world, collected by Tezuka during her research in Dejima, Nagasaki, and Leiden, the Netherlands, as well as
contemporary Emoji and AI-generated images. Tezuka produced the new textile in collaboration with Kaji Textile
Inc. in Nishijin, Kyoto.
Nishijin is one of Japan’s leading textile production centers, historically known f or its f ine silk and high level of
technical expertise. This project also attempts to develop new textiles in collaboration with these craf tsmen.
Tezuka, who has exhibited all over the world and consciously used ready-made textiles in contemporary art, has
also continued to explore the relationship between Japan and the West, and between art and craf t (or decoration).
This exhibition presents the results of these ongoing ef f orts. We invite you to enjoy it.

General information
Exhibition Title|AIKO TEZUKA
Dates|January 22, 2024 – March 17, 2024
Venue|Hanbey-Fu Gojo Bldg. 2F Hall Keiryu
Address | 433 Shonincho, Higashiyama Ward, Kyoto, 605-0903, Japan
Opening hours|10:00-17:00
Cooperation|Hanbey-Fu Co. Ltd., / Kaji Textile Inc.
Website|https:/ /
Event|February 3: Reception. A talk event will be held during the exhibition. We will inf orm you as soon as it is confirmed.