Italiano (Italian)

Galerie de Thorigny
1 Pl. de Thorigny, 75003 Paris, France
From April 7th 2022 to May 8th 2022

Ombre et Lumiere 4, copyright Chelo Simon


My eyes and my attention have always been sensitive to objects, to their beauty, to what they say other than their usual use, thus offering me an infinite number of possibilities. There are no great or small objects for my eyes, nor precious or modest… In a body to body with this material, dare to do and get naked, even if it means losing itself sometimes. But without regret DO: tie, sew, weave paint. Sometimes in forgetting what we know and becoming humble when matter speaks so loud and so true that it imposes itself. To finally gather what is scattered. To tie all these materials together, to bind me to them, not for the purpose of possession or confinement but rather in a RE-CREATION.

Le Feu 2, copyright Chelo Simon


My work seeks to represent the constraint both creative and liberating. It represents my chaos, source of difficulties and resistance. It is sometimes necessary to accept destructions, disorder that jostle to be able to welcome after chaos: builders and carriers of an innovative breath.

This work also seeks to materialize some of my beloved places. They are everywhere where there is an encounter: with you, with us, with me, my workshop, a landscape…! They can be geographical, physical, or intangible. They are my places of reflection, of growth, of awareness, which will necessarily cross yours. These places have no hierarchy, since small or large, solitary or shared, they are intimately connected to each other. They are in our image and that of the world. Imprinted and made up of light and shadow.

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L’Air 2, copyright Chelo Simon