Did you know?

The ” Scarsella”

Italiano (Italian)

Is it something mysterious coming from the past? Not so, the name derives from the name of an artist of the 15th century or so, Scarsellino, who used to wear it, as many did at the time, also bringing it under the armor. I will not get myself deeper into the etymological research, but the connection with the adjective “scarce” is legitimate and the idioms deriving from it infinite
The one you see in the picture needed an upholder and a blacksmith to be done, it is very elegant, today it would be a worthy evening handbag, of course paired with an adequate evening gown.
Task: examine carefully the medieval paintings and you will find them hanging on the belts of ladies and knights.
I love purses and I make many of them, and bags as well, some of my friends may say, and I certainly don’t need a blacksmith, because surely, I’d look for one in vain.