Laura Mega: ThePinkSide of WTF

Italiano (Italian)

KOU Gallery, via della Barchetta 13, Roma
June 28  – Luglio 29 2022
Curated by Claudia Pecoraro
Opening June 28,  6:30 pm

*The solo show at KOU Gallery precedes and creates a conceptual dialogue with Laura Mega’s exhibition in the group show at Ivy Brown Gallery in New York (opening July 14th).

Straitjacket_2022_Ricamo e stampa su camicia di forza rivestita da tessuto a telaio da corredo_203x76 cm

After twelve years living in New York, Laura Mega, on her return to Italy, inaugurates her first solo exhibition in Rome, “ThePinkSide of WTF”, at the KOU Gallery, open from June 28 to July 29, 2022.

On display will be works from her most recent production that alternates drawing, text, embroidery, and printing, along with the use of unconventional techniques such as the use of pink epilating wax, with which she intervenes on textile materials belonging mostly to ancient trousseaux.

The trousseau, set of dresses, linens and other accessories that a bride brings with her as a dowry to the new home, becomes the starting point for the investigation of the condition of women and their role as wife and mother; becoming the main pillar for her work.

In parallel, on display for the first time will be some of the works belonging to Laura Mega’s most recent artistic research, which leads her to explore the three-dimensional possibilities of the so-called “soft art”, or carpets-sculptures made with the Tufting Gun.

“ThePinkSide of WTF”, also the title of the latest artist’s book published by Laura Mega, overturns the surface of a usual as intimate as it is political with a cheekily humorous and playful gaze, with a different message if you go beyond appearance.

Using an eccentric and contemporary language, Mega transforms testimonies of a constrained and predefined femininity into works capable of investigating and conveying poetic, social, and political needs where the irony leaves the observer responsible for the different depths of reading and interpretation.