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Ilaria Margutti‘s exhibition dedicated to the stars in the Adelaide Castle in Susa to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the foundation of the Segusini Astrophilic Association
From 13 August to 7 October.
Inauguration Saturday 12 August 2023 at 21:00

Associazione Astrofili Segusini: 50 years of passion for astronomy celebrated with an exhibition by Ilaria Margutti, a textile artist who embroidered Henrietta Leavitt’s stars.

Susa (TO) – The Associazione Astrofili Segusini (Segusini Astronomy Association) is pleased to announce the achievement of a historic milestone: the 50th anniversary of its foundation. On the occasion of this significant event, the Association is pleased to present the exhibition by artist Ilaria Margutti, entitled The Stars of Miss Leavitt in the evocative Castle of Countess Adelaide in Susa.

Ilaria Margutti,

Ilaria Margutti has made hand embroidery the expressive medium of her artistic research. Inspired by the American astronomer and mathematician Henrietta Swan Leavitt, who made a fundamental contribution to the development of our knowledge of the universe, the artist has embarked on an extraordinary investigation that reaches beyond the stars.

Through unique hand-embroidered works, she invites the public to explore embroidery as a vehicle for investigation, interweaving it with the logic of the scientific process. This contamination between disciplines characterises her art, as the ancient technique of embroidery is intimately linked to the history of art and the dimension of the feminine, but also to the star maps behind her canvases, which thus represent the invisible and silent universe.

Margutti’s work winds along the lines that connect the galaxies to the outstretched arms, turning the coordinates of the 1777 variables in the Magellanic Clouds recorded by Henrietta Leavitt between 1904 and 1908 into embroidery. These data, present in the account published in the Annals of the Astronomical Observatory of Harvard College, formed the basis of Leavitt’s research into the measurement of distances by cepheids. Thanks to this fundamental research, the view of the universe was broadened and paved the way for Edwin Hubble’s discovery of the expansion of the universe.

Ilaria Margutti, Le variabili del cigno, ricamo su tela 280x75. Detail
Ilaria Margutti, Le variabili del cigno, ricamo su tela 280x75. Detail

The exhibition ‘Miss Leavitt’s Stars‘ will be inaugurated on Saturday 12 August 2023 at 21:00 at the Adelaide Castle in Susa, with entrance from Via Impero Romano 2.

During the inauguration, the artist will be present to meet the public and share her creative inspiration.

Afterwards, Alberto Cora of the INAF – Astrophysical Observatory of Turin will speak on the theme ‘Lost Skies, how the relationship between man and sky has changed’.

After 10.30 p.m. sky observation with telescopes both from the AAS Specola on the roof of the Castle and from the courtyard.

All these activities will be free admission.

There will be an apericena starting at 19:30, with participation fee and reservation, by 10 August, by e-mail:

At the conclusion of the exhibition, on Saturday 7 October, the 10th ‘CieliPiemontesi’ Barcamp, the annual meeting of astrophiles and astrophysicists from Piedmont, will be held at the Adelaide Castle, with the presence of the artist.

Ilaria Margutti, Le variabili del cigno, ricamo su tela 280x75. Detail

Ilaria Margutti, born in Modena in 1971, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence in 1997. She lives and works in Sansepolcro (AR). Her artistic career is intertwined with teaching History of Art at the Liceo Scientifico and collaborating with galleries both in Italy and abroad. Through embroidery, the artist explores introspective and identity themes, creating a poetic language dense with symbolic meanings (

The Associazione Astrofili Segusini (Segusini Astronomers’ Association) was founded on 9 October 1973 by a group of high school students with the aim of spreading science and undertaking amateur research in the field of astronomy. Over the past fifty years, the Association has worked continuously and with attention to the local area, organising meetings, astronomical observations, courses, exhibitions and trips, as well as numerous popular events aimed at people of all ages and schools of all levels.

The headquarters of the Association, located in the Castello della Contessa Adelaide in Susa, is the result of an agreement with the municipal administration. Equipped with an observatory with flexible instruments, the Association promotes a passion for astronomy and the dissemination of scientific knowledge, involving young people and adults in the wonderful world of astrophysics.

Andrea Ainardi, President of the Associazione Astrofili Segusini, and artist Ilaria Margutti invite the public to join them on this extraordinary occasion to celebrate the union between art and science and reflect on the mysterious depths of the universe.

The exhibition has the patronage of the City of Susa and the Italian Astronomical Society (SAIt) and is realised with the collaboration of the Adelaide Castle Museum and the Artemide Association.

Special thanks to Erika Lacava for having put the Association and the Artist in contact, thus enabling the project to be launched.

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Ilaria Margutti


curated by Barbara Pavan

13 August to 7 October 2023

Castello di Adelaide – SUSA (TO),

with entrance from Via Impero Romano 2, according to the following schedule:
Friday-Saturday-Sunday 10 a.m. – 1 p.m. and 2 p.m. – 6 p.m.
Inauguration: 12 August 2023, 9 p.m.

Ilaria Margutti, Le variabili del cigno, ricamo su tela 280x75. Detail