LIVE MOTIVE Exhibition, María Ortega

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María Ortega, multidisciplinary artist, linked to Textile Art and MAV partner; she participates in the Textile Art Encounter, Marina Alta presenting her individual exhibition LIVE MOTIVE curated by Carmen Pallares at l ’Espai La Senieta de Moraira, Alicante.

It also participates in the Mini Art Tèxtil exhibition, a collection of small-format pieces by various consecrated authors of international textile art and was part of the inaugural conference that dealt with the Valencian textile tradition and its influence on contemporary art in les Cases del Batlle in Benissa, Alicante.

This meeting organized by El Grup De Reüll, was inaugurated on July 8 and is made up of different exhibitions, conferences, performance and even a textile creativity workshop. The participating towns are Benissa, Teulada-Moraira, Xàbia and Gata de Gorgos.

LIVE MOTIVE Exhibition, María Ortega Curated by Carmen Pallares
l’Espai La Senieta de Moraira, Alicante.
July 9 to 24, 2021

As a multidisciplinary artist linked to Textile Art, her intention is to use the tool of textile technique as a non-verbal language and to vindicate female work as a weaving identity with this project of creation and investigation of contemporary visual languages. Weave and embroider texts with the concept of resilience to build the textile-visual proposals that we present in this “LIVE MOTIVE” project.

The exhibition “LIVE MOTIVE”, aims to attract the viewer, with works that narrate the intimate experiences lived during the pandemic, generating a path of reflection and understanding to move forward, giving a message of hope.

These reflections made sense and she materialized them in her textile-visual proposals to create a bridge of understanding and awareness with the viewer.

It brings together textile works from different phases of her artistic career, dialoguing with works made during the state of alarm and its subsequent de-escalation.

In these works he has reflected on issues such as mistrust, fear, isolation and lack of solidarity, the need for food banks, kisses and hugs, the loss of loved ones, gloves as protection from contagion, meditation that helps us to rebuild ourselves.

Also in the landscapes of an empty city and the home as a refuge, this extensive theme is reflected in a series of works in different formats: sculptures, textiles, embroidery, photographs and installations.

Three types of …

Goethe tells us that there are three types of readers: the first, enjoys without reflecting, the third, reflects without enjoying. And the middle one, the second one? The second is the one who reflects enjoying and enjoys reflecting. Only this, he concludes, is the type of reader capable of recreating a work. Of course, with such a reader, with such a receiver every author dreams … And will there not also be three types of authors, artists, creators, whose capacity and activity correspond to the Goethean classification? The answer is yes, and that the artist I am writing about today, María Ortega, belongs to the intermediate type, the type who possesses and cultivates her ability to reflect while enjoying and to enjoy reflecting. And this, while she does something else, while she acts, while she weaves her works, the works that she finally shows us. Thus, she selects materials, textures and colors, decides dimensions, proportions and procedures until she manages to give the idea an appearance, make it concrete and give birth to its shape. And she brings the work to our attention. To our attention … that – she does not know – it may be part of the first type, the third, or … the dreamed of: the intermediate and more encompassing type. The qualities of her, those of the artist, and the quality of the works that she signs will not vary because of this. Only the depth, the extension and the recreation that the receiver knows how to arouse and experience will do.

Carmen Pallares

María Ortega:

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