LOREDANA GALANTE: La Rivoluzione Gentile (The Gentle Revolution)

Italiano (Italian)

Curated Nadia Stefanel
Fondazione Dino Zoli, Forlì
18 settembre 2021 – 15 gennaio 2022
Opening saturday september 18, at 6 p.m.
Opening hours: Tuesday-Friday 9:30am-12:30am, Saturday and Sunday 9:30am-12:30am and 4:00pm-7:00pm, closed on Mondays and holidays. Free admission upon presentation of the Green pass.   

Patronage: The exhibition is organized with the collaboration of the cultural association Arteam of Albissola Marina (SV), the patronage of the Emilia-Romagna Region and the Municipality of Forlì
Information T. +39 0543 755770,,

“The Gentle Revolution” by Loredana Galante, winner of the “Dino Zoli Textile Special Prize” at Arteam Cup 2019, will arrive from September 18 2021 to January 15 2022 in the spaces of the Dino Zoli Foundation in Forlì, promoter of the exhibition together with Dino Zoli Textile.

Curated by Nadia Stefanel, the exhibition stems from the artist’s residency held in September 2020 at the textile company, which has always been attentive to the environment, culture and society, in line with the philosophy of the Dino Zoli Group. 

Keywords: care, sharing, kindness training, responsibility. Loredana Galante, Genoese by birth but resident in Milan, made her last name a programmatic manifesto, inviting people to revolutionize their daily life starting with small gestures of kindness. “Kindness – says the artist – is outdated and too little sensationalistic to be noticed in cacophonous and accelerated factories, but there are those who practice it. The armor supplied is minimal, permeable, fragile. It takes time to assimilate, welcome, mend, mend tears and wounds, but also to admire the drawing made with the thread of chosen words, reassuring scenarios, sentimental constellations »

Loredana Galante, Portatrice, 2021, embroidery and fabric sewn on ancient curtains

The exhibition itinerary will develop from the site-specific installation “Like poured out waters”, created during the residence in Forlì. Inside a large swimming pool, countless scraps of fabric will be inserted, the scraps of work by Dino Zoli Textile, long and rounded like the waves of the sea. Waters in which one can ideally immerse oneself to search for the thoughts collected through a call to action and transcribed or embroidered on the strips of fabric.In fact, the artist had asked, in the previous months, to think of a sentence, a thought, a consideration, a reflection, an intent to act together, to write a shared program that, like a wave of improvement, would help us in building a common feeling, especially after the period of lockdown and closure towards others. Schools of all levels, associations and cooperatives were involved, but also individuals, who joined with enthusiasm.The edges of the tub are made with ten panels of 70×100 cm, characterized by a harmonious set of suggestions designed by the artist, then processed on the computer and printed with special machines on cotton satin mixed with polyester by Dino Zoli Textile, with subsequent interventions in embroidery. The visitor will be led towards the swimming pool by five “Bearers”: embroidered, free and floating canvases, hanging from the ceiling, which evoke the features of a woman.

Loredana Galante, Della natura, diptych 2018, mixed media on canvas and embroidery, cm.80×80

During the exhibition, the installation will be enriched with further thoughts and reflections that can be sent directly to the artist by writing to

To complete the exhibition, a series of acrylics on canvas that tell the world of Loredana Galante, the result of over twenty years of research, which makes use of different mediums and which is also part of the tradition of Performance Art.

Loredana Galante studied at the Paul Klee Art High School and the Ligustica Academy of Genoa. After the scholarship from the T.A.M. directed by Arnaldo Pomodoro, the research continues interacting with different disciplines that lead her to attend dance, theater and the three-year school of counseling. During her artistic career she has exhibited in Italy and abroad, in public museums and private galleries, in Tokyo, Dubai, Hanover, Strasbourg, Nice, New York, Teheran, Ouagadougou, Shengzhen. Among others, the following have written about her: Vera Agosti, Luca Beatrice, Achille Bonito Oliva, Chiara Canali, Luciano Caprile, Viana Conti, Miriam Cristaldi, Fortunato D’Amico, Alberto Dambruoso, Valerio Dehò, Giacinto di Pietrantonio, Manuela Gandini, Angela Madesani , Alessandra Redaelli, Elisabetta Rota.

Sentences painted or embroidered on fabric from Casa delle Donne di Amatrice e Frazioni