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Lorraine Turner

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Today we are delighted to feature Lorraine Turner – award-winning textile artist, designer, illustrator and author, inspired by the noble intent of safeguarding nature and endangered animals.

Brilliance Afire by Lorraine Turner

Lorraine and her Calico Messengers artwork

After the great success of the past year workshops I held in Italy, I’m so excited to come back again to this adorable Country to teach my fabric collage technique! Here I have made many friends and got to meet interesting inspiring people! I can’t wait to meet more!

I have scheduled 3 workshops – 2 days each – in Perugia, Rome and Milan.

The 1st event will take place in Perugia, May 18-19. On that occasion, we’ll represent a wolf.

The Rome workshop is scheduled for May 25-26, while the Milan workshop is scheduled for the following weekend (June 1-2). For both events, the subject of choice is a little bunny.

anteprima soggetto prescelto per il workshop di Perugia

anteprima soggetto prescelto per i workshop di Roma e Milano

Lorraine’s workshops are specifically designed to make the attendants learn how to create a textile masterpiece starting from a simple photo and combining fabrics, threads and a series of embellishments (laces, vintage doilies and such).

Aurifil will sponsor all events! In addition to offer the threads to sew by hand and machine the artworks at the workshop, each student will receive a complimentary thread gift to bring home.


Thank you for such an awesome textile art experience, we will never get enough of it! We have spent 2 wonderful days freemotioning in our fairy world of fabrics and threads… Thank you so much Lorraine, Patrizia, Sophie and Isabella. See you next time! [Adriana]


Thank you so much for such a good company, these have been 3 fantastic days!?…I had such a great time with all of you. 3 wonderful days that absolutely worth! [Viviana]


Lorraine absolutely exceeded our expectations, she patiently taught us new techniques and listened to all of our expressive needs. The results we’ve achieved confirmed this: each flamingo is different from another. The group consisted of people with different skills level. Nevertheless, no one experienced concern nor problems thanks to Lorraine’s detailed explanations and the educational material provided. Being able to pass passion and savoir faire on is art and, as a proof, we unanimously asked her to get back in 2019… [Sophie]

About Lorraine Turner

After 40 years of professional career as designer and illustrator, in May 2016 Lorraine got involved with textile art and thread painting and fell in love with it. Day by day, through meditation, she gets inspired for her next projects.

The Heart of Camargue by Lorraine Turner

Whispering Winds by Lorraine Turner

To find out more, you can read this blog post + sequel 1 + sequel 2.


For more info about Lorraine’s workshops in Italy, please contact the organizer of each event.

Pazzi per il Cucito

18 – 19 Maggio 2019, 10.00 – 17.00


Laboratorio Creativo di Emanuela D’Amico
25 – 26 Maggio 2019, 10.00 – 17.00

Roberta De Marchi
1 – 2 Giugno 2019, 10.00 – 17.00