Calls and Competitions 2024 – Call for artists

Italiano (Italian) location 2024 will be held in Malta. Notably, an island that has been challenged in finding its place in existing histories of contemporary Western and non-Western art due to its periods of colonisation and location; that is, being located in the centre of the Mediterranean and on the periphery of Europe.

Issuing Office

The issuing office, i.e., MUŻA, is the point of contact for this call. Please refer any enquiries or requests for clarification to

Who may Apply?

This call is intended for both local and international artists, curators, curatorial teams, project managers, etc., wishing to present projects in accordance with the theme of this year’s Biennale.

General Submission Information

  • Artists can apply from any stage of their career (emerging or established) and from any nation.
  • Artists can apply with one or more artworks.
  • Submitted artworks can be site-specific or from any year of an artist’s career.
  • Accepted artistic media include all forms of visual art: installation, paintings, sculptures, photography and video art.
  • Throughout the opening ceremony and beyond, the artist has the opportunity to showcase performance artworks. The presence of these artworks will continue throughout the biennale by exhibiting video documentation that is associated with the work at one of the primary locations. It is important to note that this contribution will still be taken into account within the budget of the €13,000 grant.
  • Visual arts are at the heart of the, although we are also interested in interdisciplinary projects.
  • Collaborative works are welcome and eligible for submission. When submitting the work, please ensure to include the names of all participating artists in the designated artist name field (for example, artist name & artist name &…). If you have a collaborative group name, kindly provide it in the bio. In this case the grant will be given to the group (max €13,000)


Responses to this call are to be submitted via the online application form found on by not later than noon (CET) on Friday 25th August 2023. Applications received before Friday 25th August will be analysed by the curatorial team. During this phase the curatorial team may ask the applicant for clarification.

All submissions will be acknowledged and will be dealt with in strictest confidence. Late submissions will not be accepted

All the information and the call for entries HERE