Marina Dlacic

Italiano (Italian)

I came across patchwork and quilting while living in South Africa in a small mining town, most of my friends were keen quilters but I didn’t have a sewing machine so I was just happy to admire their works. When we moved to Rome, I was fortunate to enroll in a class with the amazing teacher Maria Cancella and I made my first sampler quilt all by hand. Emanuela and I met in Rome, our mothers were best friends since they were little girls so it was natural for us to connect and to stay in touch all through these years. I moved to Chicago 22 years ago ( and possibly to Arkansas in the near future) and I am still sewing and making small projects, nothing at all close to the elaborate and stunning works of Emanuela and all the other contributors to this magazine. I am very excited to take care of the translations for the magazine.