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Mathilde Renes

Italiano (Italian)

Mathilde Renes was born in 1954 in Netherlands and is autodidact. She has been working as a visual artist since the 1990s. Her work consists of two facets: the ‘signed diary’ project in which she has been drawing every day since 1997 about her daily life and work, as well as her textile work.

Mathilde is a storyteller. This is clear in her embroidery based on the drawn diary: it is the story of her everyday life. But in all her work she hopes that people will think about the story behind it, become curious and come up with their own story.

The diary often provided subjects for her other “real” art, which used to be large oil paintings and graphics, now textile work. In addition to autobiographical, she almost always chooses universally female subjects as a theme. In 2018 she worked on the project “All (my) roses” inspired by all roses from her garden, in which she uses roses in all kinds of textile techniques.

Currently, the subject is “Singing”, in which she portrays various (female) choirs and female singers in textile. As a result, the next project “Connected” was created by surprising photos of the back of her embroidery, showing all the connecting threads and using them again through prints on transfer for new work.

The red Choir, Copyright Mathilde Renes

The red Choir, back, Copyright Mathilde Renes

Cigarette (embroidery on and around printed fabric) Copyright Mathilde Renes

Cigarette (detail) Copyright Mathilde Renes

Jump (front) Copyright Mathilde Renes

Jump (back) Copyright Mathilde Renes

Should I stay or should I go – frontCopyright Mathilde Renes

Should I stay or should I go – backCopyright Mathilde Renes

Indescribably feminine – Copyright Mathilde Renes

Indescribably feminine, detail Copyright Mathilde Renes

New shoes with aunt Greet – Copyright Mathilde Renes

Meeting Copyright Mathilde Renes

Making bouquets – Copyright Mathilde Renes

Cooking with cats Copyright Mathilde Renes

Breakfast in bed, black and white – Copyright Mathilde Renes

Breakfast in bed – Copyright Mathilde Renes

Me and my roses – Copyright Mathilde Renes

Girl with blue braids – Copyright Mathilde Renes

Girl with blue braids, back- Copyright Mathilde Renes

Emanuela D'Amico

English version Mi sono avvicinata al quilting nel 1992, da allora ho frequentato diversi corsi in Italia e negli USA per approfondire le tecniche del patchwork, passando dai disegni tradizionali o geometrici alle tecniche artistiche con cui posso esprimere la mia creatività. Insegno le tecniche base e avanzate dal 1998. Ho fondato la Scuola Romana Quilting nel 2015: e dal 2014 organizzo a Roma la mostra di ArtQuilting: ArteMorbida. A partire dal 2018, con la collaborazione di Maria Rosaria Roseo e altre colleghe/amiche abbiamo iniziato la pubblicazione di ArteMorbida Textile Arts Magazine. Oggi ArteMorbida è anche, finalmente, una rivista cartacea. Parola d’ordine: Divulgazione!