• 28 January 2023 21:07

MINIARTEXTIL, 2019 (Como 28 settembre/17 novembre 2019)

Italiano (Italian)

MINIARTEXTIL is an annual review of contemporary art, which offers the best international artistic production in the field of Textile Art or Fiber Art, that sector of contemporary art that incorporates ancient textile notions revolutionizing, however, patterns and materials.

Born in Como in 1991 MINIARTEXTIL over the years has been able to grow beyond national borders and become a protagonist in several Italian and foreign cities.
From over ten years, the exhibition has also been hosted in France in Montrouge-Paris, in Venice, and is expanding its horizons in Spain, Germany and the United States.

XXVIII International Exhibition of Contemporary Art 2019

Organizes the 29th edition of Miniartextil the association Arte & Arte. The exhibition will take place in Como, at the former Church of San Francesco, from Saturday 28 September to Sunday 17 November 2019, and then continue on its itinerant route in foreign locations.

You can download the participation announcement HERE

Miniartextil Como 2019 theme is POP UP. Very interesting, especially in the meaning described by the rules, summarized in this way: “the sudden opening of a window, through which one can face a different perspective. What happened? A miracle: out of nowhere, the possibility of everything. “It is worth exploring the concept by reading the Announcement.
The works must be original and of dimensions categorically 20×20 cm. Bi or three-dimensional.
Registration must take place by March 31, 2019.
The selected works will be exhibited in all the exhibition venues and will be sent back to the artists by the end of December 2019.

Below some pictures of past editions of MINIARTEXTIL