• 28 January 2023 20:29

Miniartextil 2019: Pop Up

Italiano (Italian)

Translation by Chiara Cordoni

28/09 – 17/11 2019
Como: ex Chiesa di San Francesco e  Chiesa di San Pietro in Atrio

In 1991, Nazzarena Bortolaso and Mimmo Totaro, after having taken part, with one of their works, to a group exhibition in Genoa, in the Galleria Il Punto, decided to bring to Como these beautiful small and precious works of art, realized through textile techniques and supports on a small scale (20 cm. per side). This is how Miniartextil started, together with the Cultural Association Arte&Arte.

Today Miniartextil is a well-known name worldwide, thanks to the passion of Nazzarena Bortolaso and Mimmo Totaro, to their work and to the many artists and professionals who love the exhibition. In two years’ time the exhibition will reach its thirty years and a great event will be organized to celebrate.

This year the exhibition has two seats: the former San Francesco Church and the San Pietro in Atrio Church.

The eye is immediately struck by the uninterrupted macro-installation, suspended all the way along the great nave of San Francesco’s church, leading to the supposition that perhaps all thirteen selected artists at the historic exhibition are coordinated.

In the middle of the nave 54 mini-textiles of the annual selection are inserted, fluctuating in the middle of the installation

In the other seat “Pop-up” is exhibited, colorful, fluctuating and playful. In entering you’re invited to touch and embrace the artwork. And in touching it you’re struck by a very pleasant sensation.