• 9 February 2023 6:46

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A collaborative project by Guadalupe Carrizo
Space Amarantes Ruta Pcial Nro 341, Km 12.5, Las Tipas. Raco-Tucumán-Argentina
Curated by Myrian Genisans
MUTUA. Fund for exhibition projects Tucumán 2021

Amarantes is a permaculture community space where sessions of artistic practice locally discuss the current state of ecological crisis. These researches reflect and rework aspects related to the political meaning of making art, embracing an ecological paradigm under construction. This space is a meeting point for actions that relate Art-Culture and Nature. Problematising the approach to the becoming of the ecosystem, it questions art practices by confronting them with the State environmental norms and the local planning of Tucumán native forest.

Developed projects, among others: Enhebrando paisajes, Marcas de Posesión, Atajo contra enduristas, Inventario de tocones, Apuntes para postales and Unión de Asambleas y Comunidades 2019.

Curatorial proposal:

Guadalupe Carrizo’s project, MONTE URDIDO, is a weaving action with invasive exotic plants collected in the native forest soil in the Raco area to rehabilitate the natural order of the site.

The area where the workshop takes place is seasonally colonised by a plant that is considered a ‘weed’ (Sorghum halepense). By weaving this exotic plant, Guadalupe conceptualises the ecosystem’s issues, creating an intervention that is an attempt to bring order back into the disfunction that the Aleppo sorghum imposes on the native plants with its hegemony. The plants that make up the native forest can maintain their biodiversity, natural and cultural potential as long as they are given space, sunlight and air.

MONTE URDIDO is an exercise of resistance, a dialogue between culture and nature and a desire to help restore balance.

Weaving is done using fresh weeds as the warp and pruning fibre as the weft to create a balanced fabric on the native forest floor in an area of approximately 10 x 20 metres.

The harvesting and weaving process will be documented live during the days leading up to the opening. The weaving will be created with locals on the hill near the CieloManta workshop.

Location: Amarantes. Sitio-Ensayo de comunidad, ruta provincial 341, km 12-12, 5: frontier and border between Tapia and Raco, Río Sauce Yacu bridge, Tucumán.

Additional Activities

– Amarantes wildlife discovery day (Friday 19 November, 10 am to 12 pm first group, 4 pm to 6 pm second group).

– Guided tour to the weaving project (via Instagram, 21 November, 6 pm)

– Online discussion on “artivism” and the process of creation (via Instagram, 20 November, 6 pm)

Follow the project’s activities here: Instagram: @guadalupecarrizo.art

Ph. Credit Guadalupe carrizo