MORE IMPACT: Climate Change

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New Exhibit Opening September 22, 2021 to January 2, 2022
San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles

Climate change is a prominent topic in current events as we see and experience changes all around us throughout the seasons. Weather extremes, the consequent loss of habitat, and stress on species, including humans are major concerns that tapestry artists are expressing in their woven art. Members of Tapestry Weavers West present a juried exhibit of contemporary tapestry focusing on this important theme.

The exhibit features tapestries reflecting the artists’ concern about our changing global environment and the detrimental consequences of climate change. They are woven in a variety of tapestry techniques and styles. But whether traditional or experimental, abstract or representational, they reflect the anxiety of this topic. Of the 48 tapestries submitted for the show, 28 tapestries by 28 weavers/artists were selected for this special exhibition by curators, Deborah Corsini and Alex Friedman, both Tapestry Weavers West weavers/artists.

The exhibition will be on view at the San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles, 520 South First Street, San Jose, California. (See museum website for hours and protocol:

Janette Gross “The Last Iceberg” Indigo dyed wool, silk, plastic, cotton, on wool warp Wedge weave with slits, card woven selvedge

Tapestry Weavers West is a regional organization of tapestry weavers founded in 1985. It is currently a group of 92 active weavers primarily based in the San Francisco Bay Area, California but also includes members spanning from British Columbia, Canada to San Diego, California and several states beyond the West Coast. Members exhibit nationally and internationally, teach tapestry weaving and are advocates for the art of contemporary tapestry weaving.

Sue Weil  “Vanishing..”. Wool, cotton and Tencel, Tapestry, soumak, wrapping

Participating artists: Chelley BonDurant, Bobbi Chamberlain, Myla Collier, Deborah Corsini, Sharon Crary, Molly Elkind, Marcia Ellis, Alex Friedman, Susan Gangsei, Tricia Goldberg, Janette Gross, Jenny Heard, Barbara Heller, Jennie Henderson, Susan Hart Henegar, Stephanie Hoppe, Patti Kirch, Mary Lane, Martha Lightcap, Yonat Michaelov, Sonja Miremont, Janet Moore, Ellen Ramsey, Michael Rohde, Minna Rothman, Care Standley, Kathe Todd-Hooker and Sue Weil.

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Deborah Corsini “Fire Season”, Wool on cotton warp. Wedge weave tapestry