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Museum of Art & Design in NYC acquires artworks by Deborah Kruger

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Una nuova sede permanente per Accidentals e Ropa Pintada

In un anno già pieno di vendite, mostre e premi, ecco la notizia più bella:
Il museo d’arte contemporanea di New York, il Museum of Art & Design (MAD), ha acquistato due delle opere d’arte ambientale di Deborah Kruger.
Il murale intitolato “Accidentals” e l’opera “Ropa Pintada”, ispirata agli huipil, saranno esposti saranno esposti al museo a partire dal maggio 2024.

Watch for the 4-year exhibition in 2024

My donors wanted MAD to choose work that would be on display. While this is not always something a museum can assure, in my case, Dr. Auther was particularly interested in Accidentals because it is such a large piece and the museum has the space to show it to great effect. Ropa Pintada made the cut because as an Art & Design Museum, MAD periodically has exhibitions with garment and fashion themes and there would be future opportunities to include this piece.

In May 2024, MAD will mount a 4-year exhibition with rotating displays of their New Acquisitions. My work will be on view as part of this exciting new show. I will keep you informed about this show as it takes shape. You can be sure that my Metro-New York friends and family will be on hand to celebrate with me.


Museum of Art and Design: https://madmuseum.org/Elissa Auther, Chief Curator and Deputy Director of Curatorial Affairs http://www.elissaauther.com/
Instagram: @eauther