Natalia Auffray: pintura textil y otras intenciones

Italiano (Italian)

Museo La Neomudéjar, C/ Antonio Nebrija, s/n, 28007 Madrid
October 13 2021 – January 16 2022
Wednesday-Sunday 11-15 e 17-21

Copyright Natalia Auffray

This exhibition deals with a complex universe that crosses the familiar, the intimate and the social.

The feminist tradition of art directly intersects Auffray’s work. Her research with fabrics, the nature of ordinary objects, the personal, the familiar, the intimate cover a general level where it is necessary to set apart, distancing and observing.

Natalia Auffray’s work is an encouragement to intelligence, a need to work with the physics of volumes and the poetics of language. But, of course, nothing is completed, everything could be … or not, leaving an open field to the imagination, and even so, the truth is that every piece, every sculpture or installation operates from a very personal authenticity that makes them recognizable and conspicuous.

Copyright Natalia Auffray

Natalia Auffray has developed a skill for shyness. On the one hand, her work defines a contemporary/conceptual language that relates to it for space and time. But, on the other hand, it preserves a feminist universe that connects with the textile tradition, spinning and materials within a creative gesture.

This exhibition spans a broad period of her work from painting to sculptures to textiles and installation that engage with the artist’s psyche, thoughts and reflections, and the topics close to her being a woman in a male-dominated world where the sensitive has few followers.

Auffray’s work is an old artwork for a new time, an unfinished piece waiting for its container to assert itself. A defined language still waiting for someone to translate it; a vulnerable singular calling for a space of freedom to express itself without judgment.

Facing the intimate is an act of courage and empowerment that the artist carries in the DNA of her work.

The sensuality of her work, by immersion, will reconnect us back to nature, the origins and mother earth.

Copyright Natalia Auffray