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“New Directions in Fiber Art” and the “Yarn Bomb”

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9 Febbraio  – 16 Giugno, 2019  Montclair, New Jersey

The Montclair Art Museum has also organized this year his spring exhibition “New Directions in Fiber Art” and on this occasion, while the exhibition will take place in the exhibition spaces of the structure, outside, in the outdoor spaces will be set up a Yarn Bomb for which has been asked help and contribution of anyone who wants it.

First let’s see what it is. What is a Yarn Bomb?

On Wikipedia we find: “The Yarn bombing, or urban knitting or even graffiti knitting (to the letter in Italian knitted graffiti), is a particular type of graffiti or street art consisting of colorful displays of works made of fabrics or fabrics knit or crochet, which are usually placed to wrap objects in public places, instead of paintings or drawings made with paints ”

Born in the United States but also in Italy, from 2012 onwards, this form of art has been expressed several times.

In 2012, this form of art was also expressed in Italy in Pistoia, Tuscany . In 2013, all the ancient Port of Genoa was “bombarded” of installations in wool and cotton, made by over 1000 people of all ages and backgrounds for the urban project Intrecci.  In 2014, the Intrecci Urbani project in Genoa involved the entire city territory including nine gardens and villas in Genoa with the participation of over 1300 people. From 8 March to 23 March 2014, the Garibaldi bridge in Cesenatico was covered in wool.

In June 2015, the term “yarn-bombing” was included in the Oxford Dictionary [6] with this definition:

«the action or practice of covering or decorating public objects or monuments with colourful knitted or crocheted items and motifs, as a form of street art; an instance of this. Also: street art consisting of objects civered or decorated this way.»

Do you want more information on this topic? You can read Yarn Bombing: The Art of Crochet Knit and graffiti.

Returning to our event, I really enjoyed reading the purpose of this initiative:

What are we trying to achieve? Some excitement around modern fiber arts! Fiber art is constantly evolving, using old and new techniques and materials in ways never imagined before. It’s no longer just for women who want to stay home and knit shawls (though if you throw in a cup of tea, we’re there). While the juried exhibition New Directions in Fiber Arts hangs in MAM’s galleries, we want the crafters, the makers, the (legal) artist vandals in our community to get involved in showing the public how beautiful, fun, and sometimes surprising, fiber art can be.

I asked Gabrielle Frasco, MAM marketing specialist, to give us more information even if, to be honest, there are enough on the web-site; if anything, we needed to understand the deadline to participate and send our material.

I transcribe your kind reply:

Montclair Art Museum is orchestrating a community-sourced art installation on our grounds to raise awareness and appreciation for modern fiber arts. Our Spring exhibition, New Directions in Fiber Art, will open on February 9. So, while it hangs in our galleries, our outdoor space will be a colorful representation of our community and the fiber art we are able to make together. We will accept ANY size, shape, or color pieces. I really want artists to let their creativity shine through! We will stitch the pieces together for installation when they are received.

Artists, businesses and knitting/crocheting circles can contact me to participate any time before January 22, but the sooner the better. We will install the MAM Yarn Bomb on our grounds on February 3 at 10 a.m. Contributed pieces will have to be at the museum on or before that day. Participants are welcome to attend the installation to watch or help! If anyone wants to participate, but is unable to come to the museum, they can mail their piece to Gabrielle Frasco Montclair Art Museum 3 South Mountain Avenue Montclair, NJ 07042.

Anyone interested in participating can contact Gabrielle Frasco at or 973-259-5119

More details can be found on the website.

Emanuela D'Amico

English version Mi sono avvicinata al quilting nel 1992, da allora ho frequentato diversi corsi in Italia e negli USA per approfondire le tecniche del patchwork, passando dai disegni tradizionali o geometrici alle tecniche artistiche con cui posso esprimere la mia creatività. Insegno le tecniche base e avanzate dal 1998. Ho fondato la Scuola Romana Quilting nel 2015: e dal 2014 organizzo a Roma la mostra di ArtQuilting: ArteMorbida. A partire dal 2018, con la collaborazione di Maria Rosaria Roseo e altre colleghe/amiche abbiamo iniziato la pubblicazione di ArteMorbida Textile Arts Magazine. Oggi ArteMorbida è anche, finalmente, una rivista cartacea. Parola d’ordine: Divulgazione!