Noor Blazekovic

Italiano (Italian)

A B.S. alumnus of the Central University of Venezuela Noor Blazekovic, who holds a master’s degree in art history and a bachelor’s degree in communications, immigrated to the United States from Venezuela in 1998. She expanded her journalism and production experience into the visual arts sector by working for Art Basel Miami Beach Show Management from 2002 to 2006. She founded Irreversible Magazine and Irreversible Projects in 2006 in Miami, creating for over 16 years a vast international multidisciplinary platform for the magazine, unconventional exhibitions, and cross-cultural exchanges.

From 2017 Noor Blazekovic has served as the gallery’s director and curator of the Miami Dade College Hialeah Campus. Her work has brought Blazekovic all over the world, where she has taught a number of artists in the early and intermediate stages of their careers, assisting them in advancing their careers and strengthening their work while building a clientele and a collector base. As a curator who works primarily on solo exhibitions with emerging artists, I see the purpose of the exhibition as a pivotal moment, an opportunity for an artist to understand the progression of their practice, to connect with community. It allows for public critique, celebration, and connection. I think artists often push towards that solo exhibition moment, knowing the moment it marks throughout their careers, and that push is necessary. But from my perspective, the work that follows their solo exhibition is often more interesting. It is after this release, presentation, and movement from studio practice into public space in a high stakes context that artists are able to grow.

the Making of Textile Histories: Past, Present, and Future. What is the significant development of textile art?

CURRENT PROJECTS / art in public places
As the executive director of GIANTS IN THE CITY.ORG, a massive inflatable traveling public art exhibition, Blazekovic manages the programs and exhibitions associated with the Arts in Public Places Program. She also consults with community organizations, developers, and art commissions about projects, workshops, and events related to the arts.

Irreversible Magazine has been defining the editorial position and managing business operations to give readers high-quality material while maximizing revenue and profit for more than ten years. It is an award-winning modern collector Limited Edition art publication.

Irreversible Magazine’s Winners Exhibition and MOCA Museum have presented a “Pop Up” exhibition of works chosen by Noor Blazekovic, Chief Editor/Publisher of a South Florida-Based magazine, which were “in residence” at the museum for one month, as part of their commitment to fostering community partnerships.


Blazekovic and Babacar MBow, the former director of the Museum of Contemporary Art North Miami, together founded the Culture Keeper Award (MOCA)in 2014. This prize is given to organizations and/or individuals who “…deserve special recognition due to their remarkable contributions to the excellence, expansion, support, and availability of the arts.”

The 10th Biennial World Textile Art Conference 2022, which is commemorating its 25th anniversary, received the award this year for their outstanding contribution to the global textile medium.