NUVOLE SOLITARIE(寂寞 的 雲) – (Lonely Clouds )

Testo di Chiara del Monte Francesca Colombi
Artist: Guido Nosari De Danieli
Venue: Palazzo Teatro Nuovo, Bergamo – Largo Bortolo Belotti, incrocio via Giuseppe Verdi
Dates: March 28th to April 30th 2021
Curators: Giovanni Berera, Chiara del Monte Roberta Nossa Roberta Nossa

Red zone, again and again. 

Who in this period has not felt alone, at least once?

Guido Nosari De Danieli launches a scream that embraces the walls of the Cinema Nuovo and hides behind an artistic incursion of resistance that reveals so much of our time, of our days.

18 circular tablecloths, of different diameters and configurations, host a single porcelain plate in the middle. They represent the current solitude of the meal, a convivial moment par excellence and denied in this capacity for too long. The table has always been a moment that unites, that conveys many stories and different identities in a single place, creates relationships, the product of the gift consumed.

Guido’s art gets involved in the face of impossibility, creating a representation of it: now a denunciation of loneliness, now a memory of a denied possibility.

The collection of infinite stories is represented by the multiplicity of colors chosen, while the bond, firm but imperceptible, is well hidden in the seams – by hand or by machine – capable of giving (and being) body to its layered fabrics.

Each well-prepared table, however, carries with it the idea of ​​being undone. Of a temporary service that is not renounced, because its beauty is hidden precisely in the short term. In this temporality, almost timeless clouds, a symbol of change, are inserted directly from the Chinese tradition. They seem to walk slowly, on the stories of each one,strongly blowing a single desire.

That everything shall pass. Roberta Nossa Roberta Nossa