PATRIZIA POLESE – Oltre il filo altri tratti

Italiano (Italian)

A selection of fiber and textile artist Patrizia Polese’s creations will be on display in Marina Velca, at Casa Annesi in Via dei Patilna 183 (Pian di Spille).

The free-entry exhibition, entitled ‘Oltre il filo altri tratti’, will be open to visitors only on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 July 2023 (from 18.00 to 20.30). For info and contacts: 333.3215538.

Organising the event is the Cultural Association ‘Tentativi d’Arte Ns’.

In the garden of Marina Velca you will find leaves created by the artist using threads of various colours, inspired by nature and the landscape around his home.

You will also find artworks in copper, where the oxidation used to colour the material used in these works evolves over time, just as the border of the salt marshes (lagoon barriers) changes under the influence of the tide. With these works Patrizia wants to represent the concept of a dynamic, evolving beauty, the sensation of which she has perceived during her walks in the lagoon areas not far from Treviso, where she currently resides.

You will also find drawings on wooden panels. The inspiration for these particular creations of the artist comes from the memory of dreams, the exploration of the unconscious and the perception of emotions not yet experienced and others more familiar. In these artworks, Patrizia Polese uses pencil to represent the entanglements within her soul.