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The Peninsulares project has as its main objective the promotion of Portuguese and Spanish contemporary textile art. The promoters are the cultural entities Ideias Emergentes / Bienal Contextile for the Portuguese side and Indigo Proyectos and various regional and state associations for the Spanish side.

The project is based on the idea of connecting Spain and Portugal, two territories where the textile sector was, and still is, extremely important not only in the economic sphere, but also in social, cultural, heritage and artistic aspects.

Territory(s) of Wool

Tapestries woven from wool and used as outward symbols of wealth and power have always been considered the artistic textiles par excellence in Europe. But a textile, any textile – in this case wool – presents an extraordinary wealth of readings and underlying contexts, not only on the origin and history of the raw material, but also on its transformation, its use and its aesthetic and even moral codes: how and who produced it, under what conditions, to whom it belonged… The fabric -wool- thus assumes itself as a container of collective and personal memories and as a creative tool to explore the themes that concern today’s society : the relationship with the territory and nature, sustainability, the role of man, woman and even child labour in the textile industry. ..

The Spanish and Portuguese territories on both sides of the ‘raia’ share centuries of commercial, cultural and personal exchanges around wool. One example is the Via della Lana – Translana, which starts at the Malpartida de Cáceres washhouse – today the Vostell Museum – and ends at the Real Fábrica Veiga – Museum of Wool and other factories in Covilhã. In Spain, Extremadura is a rural and zootechnical region that still concentrates 80% of the country’s sheep population and practically the entire merino herd.


The exhibition, curated by Lala de Dios (Indigo Proyectos) for the Spanish side and Cláudia Melo (Artistic Director of Contextile) for the Portuguese side, will bring together works by Spanish and Portuguese artists and will take place at the Wool Museum in Covilhã from 14 July to 30 September and from 25 October to 26 November 2023 in El Brocense, Cáceres Provincial Council.


Alexandre Camarao | Altina Mare | Ana Rita Albuquerque | Celia Eslava (s) | Irene Infanti (s) | Leonor Serrano Rivas (s) | Luisa Donaire (s) | Soledad Santisteban (es) | Susana Arce (s) | Susana Cereja | Tiago Pereira | Vanessa Barragão (it)