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By thread by sign

Italiano (Italian)

Fabbrica della Ruota, Pray (BI)

Curated by Marisa Cortese
June 6 – October 10 2021
Opening sunday June 6 , 5,30 pm
on Sundays and holidays 2.30pm – 6.30pm
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After last year’s preview with the exhibition “Poetics warps”, contemporary Fiber Art returns to the Fabbrica della Ruota in Pray (Biella) with “By thread and by sign” a review that through the work of over fifty artists offers an overview on the use of the textile medium in the artistic field. An evocative location, an ancient factory that has for some years now become a cultural center in which there is a historical archive, a permanent collection of machinery and artifacts relating to textile production over the course of two centuries and various temporary exhibitions and events.

By thread by sign is an expression that implies a work carried out in a way and manner, in a workmanlike manner, as the craftsmen (especially painters and woodcutters) used to beat walls and trunks with the rope, hitting the surface with a wire impregnated with ash, terracotta dust or colored paint, leaving a slight imprint that marked the precise path to be sawn or whitened, without errors. This excellence of making – in the textile sector – is the perimeter within which the industrial culture of the Biella area was born and developed, a territory where textiles are both tradition and innovation.
This is the premise for the large exhibition curated by Marisa Cortese which verges experimentation and artistic research through the language of Fiber Art. Artists from different geographical areas and backgrounds confront each other by transforming fibers and fabrics into works of art using a variety of techniques and materials. The result is a path in which textiles are a means and a pretext, a leitmotif that accompanies the user on an exciting journey into contemporary art.

ARTISTS: Jorgelina Alessandrelli – Ardizzone Lello – Basile Eva – Bava Carlo – Belletti Marcella – Bisiach Bea – Bornemisza Eszter – Burton Robert – Campriani Gloria – Cangiano Amalia – Capiluppi Silvia – Caputo Lara – Castillo Angelika – Cavagna Michela – Cavallaro Marco Esteban – Piter Hide 311065 – De Palma Teo – Del Nero Caterina – Evangelisti Daniela – Farchi Corinna (Ass. Sul filo dell’arte) – Fleiss Dorothea – Follett Phillis – Gerbocova Beata – Gianinetti Roberto – Giuliani Fiorenza – Ingeborg Bodzioch – Klein Anneke – Leboroni Mariaelisa – Macina Franca – Maldifassi Gabriella – Melis Jorgelina – Mezzadri Emanuela – Michielon M. Pia – Minke Mariana – Miotti Francesca – Mitrano Annalisa – Montanaro Maria (Ass. Materiali di scarto) – Susanne Muller Baji – Orem Patricia – Pasquali Cristina – Perego Adriana – Prestigiacomo Anna – Rigamonti Isabella – Scuteri Valeria – Spagnoli Daniela – Spelta Celina – Spina Rosa – Sturion Paola Sabrina Broglia Patron -Tacchi Marisa – Tebaldi Maria Cristina – Tonon Vittorio – Van Broekhoven Hanneke – Vecchio Giovanna – Veron Thierry