PERMANENZA – ogni cosa è impermanente #2

Italiano (Italian)

PERMANENZA | ogni cosa è impermanente #2
Curated by Erika Lacava e Mavi Ferrando
March 22-29, 2024
viale Bligny 42, Milano (Currently under scaffolding in front of the Hotel d’Este, 2nd courtyard)
tel. 338 8007617

Friday, March 22 at 6 p.m.
Monday through Friday, 5 to 7:30 p.m. by appointment at 338 8007617

After the first edition of the exhibition “PERMANENCE-everything is impermanent” last November, from March 22-29, 2024, Milan’s Quintocortile Gallery, 42 Bligny Avenue, will present a variation of the exhibition on the theme of impermanence with a selection of works curated by Erika Lacava and Mavi Ferrando.

Jorgelina Alessandrelli, Daniele Cabri, Antonella De Sarno, Grazia Gabbini, Patrizia Fratus, Oriella Montin, Mauro Pinotti and Simonetta Testa are the 8 artists involved in this second edition, some of whom will exhibit different works than in the first edition of the exhibition to deepen the analysis of the theme. The works exhibited range from existential content, such as the inevitable memento mori, to highly topical issues such as climate change, to memory and the construction of our identity.

Patrizia Fratus, Radici, tecnica tessitura a uncino con filo di risulta, 230x35 cm, 2023

Through means of expression ranging from video art to fiber art, from installation to photography and sculpture, the artists in the exhibition move on the tenuous boundary between the concepts of permanence and impermanence, showing their fragility and mutual redefinition and modification over time. In comparing the works in the exhibition, the meanings attributed by the artists to the concept of permanence and impermanence reinforce each other in a prolific dialogue rich in references and suggestions.

Jorgelina Alessandrelli, Il Manto della Terra, 100 x 75 cm, cucito a strati e ricamo a mano su legno, 2024

The material metaphor of the solidity of layering in Jorgelina Alessandrelli‘s ” Manto della terra” is visually contrasted with that of the fragility of human existence, represented by Daniele Cabri‘s frayed skin (“Avec le temps”), hanging emblematically from butcher’s hooks. Antonella De Sarno‘s “In Perpetuum” video reproduces the timeless existence and the fleetingness of each moment found in severe states of autism, alongside the passage of time represented by the slight waters, of layers of paper, of Simonetta Testa‘s ” Fiume.” Also on paper are Grazia Gabbini‘s “Pagine sparse,” a project created during the pandemic period as a reappropriation of the mute space of the sheet, private but fit to be shared. Oriella Montin‘s “L’ultimo lenzuolo” investigates the intimate dimension of an emotional experience, trying to analyze it through hand-embroidered geometric cages. Instead, Patrizia Fratus‘ three “Radici” (Roots), figures with the features of women with non-human elements at the beginning and the end of their bodies, free themselves in space to rejoin the earth. Finally, we are brought back to Earth by Mauro Pinotti‘s small sculptures, fragile mononuclear planets each rotating in its own horizon of meaning, in a dystopian “Futuro semplice” characterized by the disappearance of our original planet.