Allow me to be my self and i will be happy

Italiano (Italian)

Dedicated to Rebecca Maria Ballestra XXIII
Eternal Feminine | Eternal Change
Special concept curated by Fortunato D’Amico
23- 31 October Fortezza da Basso – Cavaniglia Pavilion Florence

Selected by curator Fortunato D’Amico, Loredana Galante will be part of the XIII “Florence Biennale, international exhibition of contemporary art and design” with the site-specific installation “ALLOW ME TO BE MYSELF AND I WILL BE HAPPY “.
The show is held at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence from 23 to 31 October 2021

“Do you want to listen?
Suspend your activities
There is work to do, and it should start from you;
there is a collective soundtrack to which we all contribute with our timbre, words, symbols, and intentions.
The song that represents us needs time to understand who we are, forget who we are meant to be and recognize ourselves, feeling light and devoid of any inadequacy, identification and labels.
It means to be in the flow, open to being, to change, free to transform, to get closer to one’s own Shore.
Can you hear me? Are you far from your shore? Come back
Are you anchored to the rafts of your beliefs or worse of someone else’s beliefs? Dive in and swim
In this extreme sincerity and freedom process, every preconceived model, aesthetic and gender cage, definition, or group can only be a forcing, an INSENSITIVE constraint.
Realizing that we are conditioned by psychological and social impositions, external to our core, forced by laziness, desire for acceptance, security, the need to please.
Does this resonate with you?
To this circular thinking, with a before and an after, I invite you to choose a circular thought.
The words, like a mantra, connects us back to our centre in a state of relaxation; it’s a reminder.
“Allow me to Be: a request for respect but also a cry for help because, with our differences, we belong to the same system as waters poured into the same Jar.”
Loredana Galante

The installation consisting of a turntable case, petticoat, rose stems, embroideries was explicitly designed for the Biennale Fiorentina as an artist’s tribute to eternal femininity.

Loredana Galante’s BIOGRAPHY
“Loredana Galante uses the game modes and emulative rituals to allow reality the stability of the dream.”
Achille Bonito Oliva.

Education: Paul Klee Art High School, Ligustica Academy, T.A.M. by Arnaldo Pomodoro, dance courses, theatre and three-year school of counselling.
Her work crosses emotional layers, rehabilitates kindness, bringing forward the feeling.

The relationship is considered an exercise of inclusion and comparison, grounding back to the roots. In a time of constructive assimilation and reformulation, it is awakening to a conscious belonging, to a unicum, that needs to be supported with the best part of each one.
Her works range from the slender and elegant pencil stroke to inhabit and “Galantizzare” the spaces she moves among installation, performance, painting and workshop.
Exhibitions in galleries: Genoa, Rome, Naples, Milan, Tokyo, Dubai, Hanover, Strasbourg, Nice, New York, Teheran, Ouagadougou, Shengzhen.

Vera Agosti, Luca Beatrice, Germano Beringheli, Achille Bonito Oliva, Giorgio Bonomi, Chiara Canali, Marco Canepa, Luciano Caprile, Viana Conti, Miriam Cristaldi, Chiara Crosti, Fortunato D’Amico, Alberto Dambruoso, Valerio Dehò, Genni Di Bert, Francesca Di Giorgio, Giacinto Di Pietrantonio, Linda Kaiser, Manuela Gandini, Milly Gandini, Maria Flora Giubilei, Lorella Giudici, Leo Lecci, Angela Madesani, Sergio Mandelli, Emilia Marasco, Franco Ragazzi, Alessandro Riva, Alessandra Redaelli, Elisabetta Rota, Laura Safred, Sandra Solimano, Olivia Spatola, Paola Valenti, Stefano Verri, Chiara Vigliotti; wrote about her work.

Marta Menegon