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Raw cotton and hundreds of Bohin pins are the materials with which Pheulpin has been creating, for over 50 years, her exceptional textile sculptures, recognised worldwide and present in prestigious public and private collections. This prolific artist talks to us about her work in an article with Maria Rosaria Roseo for ArteMorbida.

by Maria Rosaria Roseo

Ixchel Suárez. Scars from Nature. Tapestry, detail.


Lala de Dios presents her thoughts on classical tapestry in the field of contemporary art, while visiting artists, exhibitions and museums during her stay in Canada. In her article she describes how ten days in Canada visiting and even living in the studios of tapestry artists have given her the opportunity to broaden her knowledge and to update her vision about the role of this ancient textile practice. In her article a glimpse of the textile scenery in Eastern Canada today.

by Lala de Dios

06. DJR - DÉAMBULATION per anticipazioni

BILP 2023 – The curators Donald Vézina, Adrien Landry and Dominique Roy

Celebrating its tenth edition this year, the Biennale Internationale du Lin de Portneuf was officially opened on 18 June. Donald Vézina, Adrien Landry and Dominique Roy, in their role as curators, shared with us their thoughts and views on this new edition of the BILP 2023.

by Maria Rosaria Roseo


A participated work built according to a tried-and-true paradigm, in which people participate voluntarily and individually, inserting themselves remotely in a collective dimension; a work that builds itself, gaining strength and expanding thanks to the aggregating power of ideas and gestures repeated by all those who choose to act it out, recreating an improvised liturgy that nevertheless enters fully into the “returning” dimension of ritual; a great work of osmosis, in which the individual and the spontaneous group meet, in a balance between social processuality and aesthetic improvisation.

by Valeria Tassinari

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Studio Farkas Ortenzi, founded in Como in 1955, was a pioneer in the Italian textile industry and from the 1960s to the 1990s became an art academy for artists from all over the world (France, Japan, America). Over the years, the Farkas have experimented with all kinds of techniques, styles and materials (watercolours, tempera, oil colours, Luma inks, paper, wood, fabric, glass, metal, silk-screen printing, photography) with floral, jungle, cashmere and geometric patterns. Their creativity has helped influence fashion and costume from the post-war period to the present day.

by Stefano Piperno

Mari, Lignaggio, 2022, calze di nylon, juta e memory foam, 200 x 110 cm


On the occasion of Opentour 2023, LABS Contemporary Art (Bologna) presented the exhibition project La Misura delle cose. The exhibition – curated by Lelio Aiello and Leonardo Regano, with the curatorial assistance of Valeriia Radkevych – concludes the research process undertaken by some students of the Three-year and Master’s Degree in Visual Arts of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna selected among participants in the homonymous workshop conducted by the artist Francesco Arena and by Leonardo Regano himself between the months of February and June 2023. Among the works on display, the textile art works of the following artists deserve particular attention: Irene Gris, Athina Mehry Saraji and Mari.

by  Maria Chiara Wang

Aubusson per anticipazioni

Contemporary perspectives for the Aubusson tapestry: interview with Emmanuel GÉRARD, Director of the Cité internationale de la tapisserie

An interview with the director of the Cité internationale de la tapisserie Emmanuel Gerard, given on the occasion of the presentation of the major contemporary weaving projects undertaken in recent years, in particular the series of monumental weavings based on images from the famous films of Japanese animation master Hayao Miyazaki.

by Maria Rosaria Roseo

Matteo Berra, Spettro

DE FILO: art at the service of industry  

The story and innovation of linen. From industrial to artistic production: in Villa d’Almè (BG), Linificio e Canapificio Nazionale, a historic company in the area, is hosting an international exhibition of textile and contemporary art.

di Redazione