SILVIA BECCARIA – Posidonia, 2015


media: nylon, expanded polyethylene, viscose, plastic
technique: hand weaving
measurements: 49 x 45 cm


Italiano (Italian)


This ‘artwork (in the light and in the dark) is part of large a project entitled Lights at the bottom of the sea that wants to represent the concept of the double of human beings, what we show and what we hide, our exteriority and our interiority. In order to represent it, Silvia immersed herself with her imagination in another dimension, that of the creatures of the seabed that, thanks to the phenomenon of bioluminescence, change the way they appear. Sea plants, diatoms, algae, sea annelids, were freely reinterpreted, giving rise to three-dimensional paintings in which shapes and colors change in the transition from light to darkness: a natural world that made it possible to represent the visible and invisible of our “being.”