Quilt National 19 – Dairy Barn Arts Center Athens, Ohio

The Quilt National '19

Italiano (Italian)

Opening Weekend May 24-26, 2019

Last month I had the great pleasure of attending the opening of Quilt National ’19 in Athens, Ohio.  This was the second time one of my works selected to be part of the exhibition; the first was in 2013.  It’s certainly a big deal, and I absolutely made the long trip from France to attend. 

Quilt National is celebrating 40 years since the first exhibition in 1979. Françoise Barnes, Nancy Crow and Virginia Randales co-founded Quilt National and it was the very first show to exhibit at the Dairy Barn Arts Center. One of the several events planned for opening weekend was a Reunion Dinner. It was heartwarming to see several artists who were in the very first QN.

This year, the jurors for the show were Françoise Barns, artist and co-founder, Carolyn Ducey, curator of collections at the International Quilt and Study Center at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, and an artist whose work I admire very much, Judy Kirpich.

This edition of QN featured the works of 84 artists from around the world, and I believe 72 or more were in attendance for the opening weekend festivities.

It was a pleasure to see so many “pieced works” in this show this year. I like to see how far artists can go when using this basic, traditional technique. So yes, I will admit, I am biased. I love the engineering challenges that come along with piecing your vision. In 2013, it was all about surface design. The piece I had in the show that year was a whole cloth cotton painted with fiber reactive dye.

I hope you enjoy this little snapshot of a some of the works that caught my eye… There were so many more, but I don’t want to recreate the catalog! (Which is wonderful by the way!) This year I’m super pleased with the photography and the fact that a detail shot was included for each quilt. I feel this is a necessity for our art form.

Caryl Bryer Fallert-Gentry
Port Townsend, Washington USA
“Vine #2”

Caryl is an art quilting legend, and my first mentor. Her generosity and talent are equal, and it was so wonderful to see her at QN.

Hand-dyed, hand painted, machine pieced and quilted.

Pat Forster
Mount Pleasant, Perth, Australia
“Fish Feeding Frenzy”

Computer-drawn block template, machine pieced and quilted.

Michael J. Ross
New Hope, Pennsylvania USA
“Mutations #2”

Machine pieced and long-arm quilted.

Daren Redman
Nashville, Indiana USA
“Downtown Jazz”

Hand-dyed cottons, machine pieced and quilted.

Pamela Loewen
Williamston, Michigan USA
“Garden of Innocence”

Hand-dyed cottons, free form cutting, machine pieced and quilted. .

Sandra Palmer Ciolino
Cincinnati, Ohio USA
“Precaria #10: Bloodlines”

Hand-dyed and commercial cotton, machine pieced and quilted.

Marianne Williamson
Miami, Florida USA
“Prayers Going to Heaven”

Raw edge appliqué, free motion quilted.

Margaret Black
Boswell, Pennsylvania USA
“Curb Appeal #17”

Machine pieced and quilted.

Denise Roberts
Albright, West Virginia USA
“Finding Connections #21”

Direct fabric cuts, machine pieced and quilted.

Ellen Wong
Oakland, California USA

Machine pieced and quilted

Terrie Mangat
El Prado, New Mexico
“Fireworks at the Border”

Hand appliquéd, hand reverse appliquéd, machine pieced, and embroidered, beaded, painted and machine quilted. (Machine quilting by Debbie Schulz)

I was quite taken by this powerful work, and Terrie explained that it is inspired by her reaction to the separation of families at the Mexican border. The “Fireworks” represent tithe intensity of the conflict.

Stefani Danes
Pittsburg, Pennsylvania
“City Crossings”

Machine pieced and quilted

Andrew Steinbrecher
Cincinnati, Ohio
“Crossroads #12”

Machine pieced and quilted

Pat Budge
Garden Valley, Idaho
“Shadows in the Hall”

Precision and free-hand cutting, machine pieced and quilted.

Maren Johnston
Santa Barbara, California

Free-hand cuts, machine pieced and quilted.

Eleanor McCain
Shalimar, Florida
“Retrospective Scroll”

Machine pieced and quilted.

At the opening, Eleanor explained that this quilt is meant to be shown in different ways. It can be gathered in a certain section to reveal another. I found this idea and it’s execution, very appealing. This work is on the cover of Quilt National ’19 cover.

Dana Ziesemer
Silverdale, Washington
“Shapes and Lines 2018”

Machine pieced and quilted.

Karen Schulz
Silver Spring, Maryland
“A Conversation” – Best in Show –

Machine pieced, quilted and couched.

I was very pleased with this striking and provocative work was selected as Best in Show. I have long been an admirer of Karen’s work, and I recognize it when I see it. I have even purchased one her pieces from a past SAQA auction. Her use of couching to create line gives one the feeling that it was drawn directly on the canvas and is very effective.

Ann Parker
Silver City, New Mexico
“Desert Blues”

Machine pieced and quilted.

Viviana Lombrozo
San Diego, California
“Shifting Stories”

Fabric hand-painted, dyed and printed. Machine pieced and quilted.

Patricia Autenreith
Hyattsville, Maryland
“Dedicated to Cheese for No Reason”

Trapunto, heat transfer, rubber stamped, hand appliquéd, hand and machine embroidered, hand and machine quilted.

Randy Frost
Bronxville, New York
“Renewal X”

Raw-edge machine appliqué, reverse applique, thread embellishment, machine quilted.

Cécile Trentini
Zurich, Switzerland
“Shadow Alchemy”

Blue-print (cyanotype) on cotton, machine quilted.

Sara Impey
Coggeshall, Essex, Great Britain
“War of Words”

Wholecloth, free-motion machine stitched and quilted.

Margarita M. Korloth
Collierville, Tennessee
“Orange Blossoms”

An original technique developed by the artist called “Infused Newsprint Cloth” (INC) was used. Silk screened, hand embroidered, free motion machine quilted.

Benedicte Caneill
Larchmont, New York
“Pinched Lines”

All fabrics were created by the artist through direct printing and mono printing using a plexiglass plate, fabric paints, and marking tools. Machine pieced and quilted.

Chiaki Dosho
Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
“The Crossing Times 14”


Japanese old kimono made with original technique and machine appliquéd.

Sheila Frampton Cooper
Martigues, Bouches-du-Rhône, France
“Tangerine Dreams”

Hand-dyed fabric, pieced and free-motion stitched.
“In my dreams, there is no order; everything is wild and free.”

I hope you enjoyed this little taste of Quilt National ’19. As I mentioned before, the catalog is wonderful! If you would like to see all of the art, and artist descriptions, you may order the catalog directly from The Dairy Barn Arts Center.

Love and hugs to you all!

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  1. Michele Duffy | 15 June 2019 at 0:00 | Reply

    Wow, what an astounding array of color, design, feeling, motion, and execution. Thank you for highlighting these extraordinary quilts, Sheila. I don’t think I’ve experienced so many chills reading one person’s post.

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