Roots and leaves only

Italiano (Italian)

Artists: Roberto Ghezzi | Ilaria Margutti
Curated by: Michele Dantini e Michela Morelli
Venue: Museo civico di Palazzo della Penna, via Prospero Podiani 11, Perugia, Italy
Dates: 30 April – end of June 2021
Hour: Tuesday / Friday – 10.00-19.00
Saturday and Sunday – admission by reservation only (ph.0759477727;

The Municipality of Perugia, in collaboration with Munus Arts & Culture, presents the exhibition Roots and leaves only, an exhibition dialogue that intertwines the works of two artists: Roberto Ghezzi and Ilaria Margutti.

The exhibition, curated by Michele Dantini and Michela Morelli, is designed and built in close relationship with the history and specificities of the Civic Museum of Palazzo della Penna and the territory that hosts it, which are also the places that saw it born . The immersive and multisensory path sets in the museum rooms visions and smells drawn from nature and the living reality of the experience and daily creative work of the two artists.

Both coming from Tuscany, Ghezzi and Margutti boast numerous national and international experiences and multiple links with the Umbrian territory and the city of Perugia, for which they prepare two tributes in this exhibition: a Naturografia © by Roberto Ghezzi created within the waters of the Lake Trasimeno and dedicated to the work of Gerardo Dottori, of whom the Civic Museum of Palazzo della Penna permanently preserves a vast collection of works, and a tribute performance to Bettina Fuso by Ilaria Margutti connected to the Hellenes of Brajo Fuso exhibited in the courtyard of the same museum.

With his close link with the museum and the attention to nature that characterizes the research of both artists and which ideally also reconnects them to the research of Joseph Beuys (whose unique work is kept inside the Civic Museum of Palazzo della Penna) the exhibition aims to be a real experience and a possibility of knowledge and encounter, through art, of multiple creative paths: between history, nature and territory