• 28 January 2023 20:24

Salut Textil” exhibition at the Valencia Craft Centre

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The Salut Textil exhibition was inaugurated on May 30 at the “Centro de Artesanía de la Comunidad Valenciana”.  It is an exhibition that aims at enhancing handmade fabrics made with a horizontal loom, dyed and printed with organic pigments and natural products.

Salut Textil is the brand that represents a line of handmade fabrics made in a “de contramarcha” loom that gives life to natural dyes and prints to achieve sustainable fashion. Empar Alandete holds workshops and informative conferences to present these ancestral and eco-sustainable techniques.

Below is an example of what you will find in the exhibition that will be open to the public during this month of June and part of July.

The Director General of Commerce and the employees of the Centre for Crafts visiting the exhibition SALUT TEXTIL

Coils dyed with natural dyes. Indigo and cochinea

Carpets and fabrics with botanical and rayon print dyed with natural dyes


During the opening of the exhibition, the organizer and expert weaver Empar Alandete, explained to the participants the reasons for which she decided to disclose to the public these techniques and crafts of tradition completely unknown today.

“The world of textile craftsmanship, so present in our society for centuries, almost completely disappeared in the last century, to the point that we have forgotten our history. My handcrafted fabrics dyed with natural fibers are made with the use of a horizontal loom“.

Empar is very sensitive in this respect, because the Valencian Velluter has already disappeared and the silk industry, which has been a feature of this region for centuries, has also disappeared, even from memory.

With the mission of restoring  Memory, she presented her first exhibition at the Palau Ducal de Gandía (Valencia) entitled SALUT TEXTIL inaugurated in April 2018 and today at its second edition.