Silk Pages

Roberto Cappucci’s creations on exposure at Fondazione Banco di Napoli

Il Cartastorie, Banco di Napoli Historical Archives Museum
Via Tribunali 213 – Napoli

October 2nd to January 9th 2022

From Monday to Saturday: from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Sundays: from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.


The Banco di Napoli Foundation opens the doors of the Historical Archives Museum to host Roberto Cappucci‘s artworks. The soft silk sculptures of the famous couturier, his sculptural dresses will be shown, among the registers and inks of “Il Cartastorie” museum, until November 26th for the “Silk Pages” exhibition,

The “silk pages” cultural event is an idea of Rossella Paliotto, Banco di Napoli foundation president and Enrico Minio Capucci, director of the Roberto Capucci’s foundation.Twenty-one Capucci’s artworks from the Villa Manin foundation are exhibited among the documents guarded in the Banco di Napoli Historical Archives.

Foto Fabio Donato

This exhibition has allowed the emergence of details from the Archive’s papers to re-think silk. The precious fibre has been the undisputed protagonist of Italian and Neapolitan sartorial history in the modern age and is the material chosen by Capucci to give form to his sculptures.

Special attention is given to colours as a tribute to Roberto Capucci and the marvellous palette of his refined ‘compositions’. Charged with different layers of meaning, they seem to give life to unpublished documents, further evidence of Naples’past when the city was a centre of excellence for silk production and processing.

At the base of the exhibition’s idea, there are several conceptual links: Naples and Friuli, both centres of silk production, Roberto Capucci’s artworks, a pillar of “Made in Italy” since the first fashion show in 1952 at Palazzo Pitti and the documents about the silk and craft’s activities related to the Neapolitan clothing industry. There is a lot of knowledge, small and big stories in the book curated by Bianca Stranieri.

Foto Fabio Donato

Supporting the idea is the documentary and personal interpretation of Fabio Donato’s photos. In addition, his artistic work presents an in-depth study of the possible relationships between clothes and the extraordinary history of the South: “il Mezzogiorno”; an immersive journey between folders and multimedia. Here, clothes and mannequins communicate with the southern regions’ social and artistic history through financial documents and commercial contracts with various European nations.

The Banco di Napoli Foundation’s historical Archive, with its socio-economic contents, is the most authoritative and pragmatic source of paper documents about life in the South from the mid-16th century following the historical events of the “Regno” (Naples Kingdom).

The Banco di Napoli Foundation keeps the wealth of knowledge through “IlCartastorie”, promoting its dissemination and enhancing awareness of the collection’s uniqueness.

Foto Fabio Donato