Silvia Beccaria: Tramas do tempo

Italiano (Italian)

Convento São Francisco
Avenida da Guarda Inglesa, n.º 1 A
3040-193 Santa Clara, Coimbra, Portugal
14 January – 14 March 2022
Opening 14 January 2022 at 18:00

Information:     +351 239 857 190 | +351 239 857 191 | email:                                              

The Italian Embassy in Lisbon presents Italian artist Silvia Beccaria solo exhibition “Tramas do Tempo” at the São Francisco Convent in Coimbra.
Silvia Beccaria’s works are intimate reflections on the passing of time, fragments of childhood, of places, of love and of lived experiences that accompany us along the path of our existence.
These crucial moments of life speak of our past; they stage a history of which they bear traces, becoming the fabric of a universal memory that has an intimate and personal value and opens up to the present, testifying the need to preserve memory through the artistic gesture.

Il filo della memoria, particolare, 2018

Silvia Beccaria’s universe consists of different materials entanglements, through which she sheds light on the complicated and mysterious weave of experiences, encounters and relationships that make up our identity. Thus the places of memory, the enchantment of nature, the visible and the invisible, the connections between weaving and writing, the reflections on the fleeting nature of life become part of her stories created thread by thread to give life to sculptures and installations that emerge from the canvas. To weave is to bring together, hold, connect, and unite what is disjointed.

Il filo della memoria, 2018

Silvia Beccaria participated in several exhibitions in Italy and abroad, including: Triennale Design Museum (Milan); Palazzo Carignano (Turin); Casina delle Civette-Musei di Villa Torlonia (Rome); Spazio Culturale Ratti-Ex Chiesa di San Francesco (Como); Center for the Arts-Casa Colombo (Jersey City, NJ, USA); Museo delle Mura Aureliane (Rome); Palazzo Collicola-Arti Visive (Spoleto, Pg); La Maison de l’Italie-Città Internazionale Universitaria (Montrouge, Paris, France); Palazzo Barolo (Turin); Centro Culturale Villa Flor (Guimaraes, Portugal); Museo Antiquarium Parra Oppidum degli Orobi, (Parre, Bergamo); Misp-Museo Arte del XX e XXI secolo (St. Petersburg, Russia); Museo del Setificio Piemontese Il Filatoio (Caraglio, Cuneo).

Riflessi del tempo, particolare, 2020

Riflessi del tempo, 2020