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Artisti/e Daniele Basso, Sissi Castellano, Michela Cavagna, Carla Crosio and L. Mikelle Standbridge.
Sede Casa Regis Center For Culture And Contemporary Art
Borgata Marchetto 18, 13835 Valdilana (Biella)
Date Runs through May 2
Orari By reservation only, limited to 5 guests per visit, starting at 3PM, the opening days of the show until May 2. Other dates may be requested. Please contact tel. 333 199 5123,, email

What is SLOW ART DAY? It is a day set aside, recognized by many galleries and institutions on different continents, to take the time to deepen an art experience, enjoying it at a slowed down pace, and to share those rewards with others in a group discussion. Here are the guidelines of the visit, as proposed by the inventors of this day (www.slowartday): There will be 5 works of art on display, and each visitor views each piece for 10 minutes. Before and during the viewing, there won’t be any explanation of the work. This is an invitation to just experience the work directly (for its materials, for its presence, for its impact on you). Afterwards, joining together in a group discussion, over tea in the garden, we can share our experiences as well as explore the titles of the works, the artist’s concepts, and contextualization of the works.

The five artists – Daniele Basso, Sissi Castellano, Michela Cavagna, Carlo Crosio, and L. Mikelle Standbridge – were chosen for their ability to integrate with the setting, in this 18th century building, understanding that the viewer, the chair, the atmosphere of the room and the artwork are interdependent.

Two installations use the textile medium.

Sissi Castellano‘s work, “I’m not an artist”, is an installation of silk cocoons dyed with vegetable colors. “I am part of that group of people – she says – who follow the Mingei philosophy, born in the 1920s in Japan by Soetsu Yanagi, who recognizes  worthy and beautiful the creation of objects that are part of everyday life and its needs “.

Sissi Castellano – Casa Regis

The work of Fiber Artist by Michela Cavagna, on the other hand, proposes a large textile installation, entitled “Birth”, which floats hanging and is part of a cycle of three works inspired by the ancient Russian tale of Vasilissa, a story of female initiation.

The exhibition is hosted in the former convent in Borgata Marchetto in Mosso Santa Maria, which has now become Casa Regis / Center of Culture and Contemporary Art, managed by a non-profit association founded with the aim of promoting contemporary art on the territory.

By reservation only, limited to 5 guests per visit, starting at 3PM, the opening days of the show until May 2.