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“Wafting through my weavings”: exhibition by Monica Paulon, textile artist

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We promised ourselves that we will learn more about this textile artist in the near future, but in the meantime, we give notice of her exhibition in Bergamo until 16 June 2019, at the “Bottega del Gombito”

Below is the press release


“Wafting through my weavings”

Exhibition by Monica Paulon, textile artist

Curated by Eles Iotti

From 16May- 16 June 2019

Bergamo – “Bottega del Gombito”, via Gombito 13/D

InaugurationThursday 16 Mayat5.00 pm


Gentle puffs of wind animate the cascade of pink rose petals which have fallen from the cherry tree in her grandparents’ garden. Suddenly, a whirlwind of pink spins into the air, announcing the fragranceofimminent spring.

This primigenial image inspired “Wafting through my weavings”, Monica Paulon’sfirst solo exhibition,as expressed in thisexquisiteand enveloping installationat“La bottega del Gombito”, in Bergamo Alta.

The hand-woven fabrics, formedand stratified by the artist’s hands and then suspended in space by invisible threads, create an enchanted woodimbued with history, anaesthesised memories and overlapping moments in time, which have all been embeddedinto the walls, as Monica’s childhood memories are embedded into her works.     

The imaginary sky blends into the silk organza, while amber silk threads twist sinuously into branches of a cherry tree that tenderly scatters pink particles.Wafts of spring seem to bring the work to life, propagating the fragmented flowers, which are suspended between memory and matter. Silk is a noble and precious material, especiallyin the context of the industrious history of the Lake Como area, and even more so when it encounters the fine flocks of carded Bergamo wool, which the artist has created by using the technique of felting.

The hanging cloth panels releasesweet and sensual wafts of fragrance into a sumptuous slipstream: textile fibres and essences become one, amplifying perceptions and memories. Everything participates in rendering a gentle breeze of memory into something material, capable of inducing emotions and visions.

And then magically, using an artthat originated at the dawn of time, living layers of fibre are created, salving the wounds of a bygone past, like bandages, ferrying the scene into the present, where the weavings create meaningful connections.

The scene comes to life, becoming alive like a tree, like the tree which, in full flower, gives of itself, in a perpetual state of becoming, to the Universe.

And thus, a temple is created, a sacred place where you can go to recognise nature, marvel at its ceaseless giving, connect with its essence, and, through the senses, give and take inspiration.

“Soffi delle mie trame”

 “Bottega del Gombito” – Bergamo, Via Gombito 13/D

From 16 Mayto 16 June2019

Open Wednesday – Sunday

From 10.00 am- 12,30 pm and4.00 pm– 7.00 pm

Free entry


Monica Paulon was born in 1970 in Como, where she lives and works. She grew up among the colours and rustling of silk fabrics: her mother applied the finishing touches to silk ties. Her aunt from the South Tyrol taught her how to make felt from wool using water and soap, resulting in the discovery of the material she would one day create with.
Although she studied fashion design, it was when she was working in an architectural showroom that she was presented with the opportunities that led to her future creative work and.
Her rediscovery of the felt-making technique occurred while participating in a workshop at the Steiner School her children attended; she continues her creative exploration.
2003 – Creates her first Artefeltro one-offs, combining silk with cashmere or merino wool, creating clothing and accessories out of luxurious felt.
2007 – Exhibits at MilanoUnica.
2008 – Participates in PittiImmagine with felt wall-pieces for Millefili.
Designs a bridal collection for PenelopeSposa.
Exhibits at ClassFashion.
2009 – Selected to exhibit her Capsule Collection by INSIDE WHITE.
Creates Filosophy, a silk-cashmere throw blanket, for Bonaldo.

In addition to her one-off fashion design pieces, recently she has been exhibiting her works, a fusion of art and handcrafting, at Fibre Art exhibitions such as Tramanda (Chieri), Trame a Corte (Rocca di Sala Baganza), Il Rumore del Lutto at Gallery Alphacentauri (Parma), and participating in events such as Orticolario (Como).


Bottega del Gombito, founded by Vittorio Vitali in 1972, and located in the historical centre of Bergamo Alta, is a fascinating exhibition space which promotes the cultures of Bergamo, Lombardy and all over the globe. The Bottega’s periodic events foster a stimulating conversation between fine antiques and aesthetic experiments of the 20th century through exhibitions, cultural and literary events concerning different themes, art exhibitions, solo exhibitsby historical and emerging artists, in addition to installations featuring design, fashion and artistic textiles. Within this cultural hotbed of ideas, open to the comings and goings in via Gombito and concernsrelevant to art and antiques, which are particularly of interest to MariagraziaVitali, an archaeologist and director of the exhibition space, courses and lessons on art, antiques and design are offered.

A lovely enclosed garden, adjacent to the antique Palace of the Della Torre family in the historical centre, is available for outside events.


Bottega del Gombito, and especially to Mariagrazia Vitali, for welcoming and encouraging the project.

Lanificio e FeltrificioGusmini (, for the wool and precious felt fibres which are such an integral part of the installation.

Olfattiva (,for the fragrant essences that pervade the fabrics in the work,diffusing their captivating fragrances.

Cosmos scale (, which, thanks to its secure ladders, allowed us to mount the exhibition, climbing up over 5 metres above ground.

Emanuela D'Amico

English version Mi sono avvicinata al quilting nel 1992, da allora ho frequentato diversi corsi in Italia e negli USA per approfondire le tecniche del patchwork, passando dai disegni tradizionali o geometrici alle tecniche artistiche con cui posso esprimere la mia creatività. Insegno le tecniche base e avanzate dal 1998. Ho fondato la Scuola Romana Quilting nel 2015: e dal 2014 organizzo a Roma la mostra di ArtQuilting: ArteMorbida. A partire dal 2018, con la collaborazione di Maria Rosaria Roseo e altre colleghe/amiche abbiamo iniziato la pubblicazione di ArteMorbida Textile Arts Magazine. Oggi ArteMorbida è anche, finalmente, una rivista cartacea. Parola d’ordine: Divulgazione!