Spinning East Asia Series II: A Net (Dis)entangled

Italiano (Italian)

CHAT, Centre for Heritage, Arts & Textile, HK
02.04 – 07.08.2022
Opens online il 02.04.2022

CHAT/MILL6 Foundation
The Mills, 45 Pak Tin Par Street

Tsuen Wan, N.T., Hong Kong

Following the success of last year’s Spinning East Asia Series I: A Compass in Hand exhibition, CHAT (Centre for Heritage, Arts and Textile) presents the second chapter of the series Spinning East Asia Series II: A Net (Dis)entangled on 2 April 2022 (online opening). The exhibition will invite the public to experience the diverse spectrum of history and culture of East Asia through collections of contemporary art produced by 16 prominent artists and artist groups from the East Asia region.

More than 90% of artworks are newly commissioned for this exhibition. Participating artists and artist groups include Cha Seungean (Seoul), Chen Yiyun (Shanghai), Chu Chun-Teng (Taipei), Ho Rui An (Singapore), Kamata Yusuke (Fukuoka) , Suki Seokyeong Kang (Seoul), Kato Tsubasa (Tokyo), Lee Kai Chung (Hong Kong) and Isaji Yugo (Tokyo), Li Qingyue (Shanghai), Man Mei To (Hong Kong), Park Jeehee (Seoul), Wang Bo (Amsterdam), Wang Ya-Hui (Taipei), Wang Yiquan (Shanghai) , Yamauchi Terue (Fukuoka) and Jeon Gisun/ Matsuda Motoyoshi (Fukuoka and Tsushima) and Luka Yuanyuan Yang (Beijing).

Textile as Metaphor in Examining East Asian History

A Net (Dis)entangled uses textile as a unifying thread that runs through every work, highlighting its cultural significance that informed artists’ ways of thinking and forms of presentation. Curator Wang Weiwei adopts the simultaneous actions of entangling and disentangling yarns as a metaphor to explore and reimagine the notion of East Asia.

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