Italiano (Italian)

18 march – 15 april 2023

For Clara Luiselli, aesthetic experience is an act of knowing the real, the other and oneself. She works around the often seemingly negligible happenings of everyday life, which become metaphors for the impermanence, mutation and fragility of existence. The work is born and lives in relationship with the other. Tentativi (2022) is an embroidery that recalls ancient memories and draws an imaginary map. Signs like roads that lead to an encounter with Giuseppe Jos Olivini, who makes them his own, rewriting them as a score. ariAdnæ is a sound cartography in which “the traces of the paths become tangled and knotted, then dissolve in the voice of the strings, of the threads.” The sounds are a wave that “submerges noises, resurfaces among noises, is eroded by them, elides them,” mingling with everyday experience and accompanying the viewer on his or her journey.


Square linen fabrics, suspended through thin filaments. Some closed, almost crumpled, others try to blossom, to unfold.
On the surface thin traces that seem to evoke maps of imaginary planets, faceted islands, places of desire. Originally they were taut, white, empty fabrics, places of silence, spaces waiting for a meaningful creative act. A simple action, “crumpling” the fabric, allows traces to emerge from nothingness.
The gesture of crumpling offers the opportunity for signs to arise and become visible through the play of light and shadow. The thread embroiders imaginary geography, partly suggested by the material itself and partly the result of artistic choice.
Clara Luiselli
She graduated in 2000 from the Academy of Fine Arts in Bergamo. Her works have been exhibited in various public and private spaces including: Chelsea Art Museum in New York, MAK in Vienna, MUAR in Moscow, GAMeC in Bergamo, GAM in Genoa, Museo delle Culture del Mondo in Genoa, Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa in Venice, Galleria Viafarini in Milan, Galleria Klerkx in Milan, Galleria Civica d’Arte Contemporanea Montevergini in Syracuse, Traffic Gallery in Bergamo, Nellymya Arthouse Gallery in Aranno and Lugano, Koma Gallery in Mons (Belgium), BACO in Bergamo, Bernareggi Foundation in Bergamo, Teatro Valle in Rome, Vanna Casati Gallery in Bergamo, Goethe-Universitat Institut in Frankfurt. He has participated in the Venice Biennale Italian Pavilion/Academies, the Biennale of Young Artists of Europe and the Mediterranean in Rome and Sarajevo, In 2001 he won the Targetti Art Light prize and the 2017 Open prize for Pergine Spettacolo Aperto.
Giuseppe Jos Olivini – 0ortanub0
A piano graduate, multi-instrumentalist, he has traveled the territories of early music reaching as far as contemporary music. He works among and with sounds, exploring their worlds through instruments of various eras and geographical origins. Interested in the role of music in theater and performance he collaborates with various companies and ensembles playing live in performances or curating their soundtracks. He collaborates with visual artist Clara Luiselli.


Mezzanine of Villapizzone Railway Station, Via Arnaldo Fusinato, Milan
SUBPLACE is an extra-ordinary space that coexists with the usual and the contingent, bringing the visual languages of art – which are positioned as an alternative to the logic of production/consumption – to this place of transit, in the flow of the everyday, offering itself as an opportunity for a direct and personal aesthetic experience, without mediations or stratifications for an audience that finds itself “stumbling” upon the work on its usual path. The name refers to the underground location, in the mezzanine of Villapizzone Station. The “showcase” hosts site-specific artist projects proposing installations, sculptures, videos and paintings. SUBPLACE was born from the experience of Surplace independent space for the promotion of contemporary art practices based in Varese.

Subplace is a self-managed and self-financed project curated by Joykix and Rossella Moratto.